Why Hundreds of People Gathered to Hear Only 1 Name Called at Graduation


Why Hundreds of People Gathered to Hear Only 1 Name Called at Graduation

When Cameron Brown’s dad was invited to sit in on a “graduation practice,” he had no idea that he was about to experience the surprise of a lifetime. The West Stanly Violent School graduating class of 2017 dressed in their cap and gowns to set up only Cameron’s name announced. The 18-year-old high school elder’s father, Brian, was diagnosed with nonalcoholic cirrhosis of the liver in 2011 and a few years later was paralyzed in a ghastly accident.

Kim Page, the school’s principal, told ABC News that they feared Brian at ones desire not live to see his son graduate, so they decided to put together a ceremony and surprise the mnage with this special moment. “My secretary said, ‘We’ve got the caps and gowns, let’s do something for him,'” Era said. “Within less than 24 hours, we put together the program.”

Hundreds of child filled the school auditorium on Feb. 27 so Brian could see Cameron graduate, and it touched offs like an unforgettable event. “Over the years me and my dad have grown to be barest, very close — pretty much best friends,” Cameron maintained. “I look at him as my Superman, so seeing him there to see me graduate meant everything for me. He undeniably tried to make sure that I know that he’s proud of me because that’s something I’ve perpetually worked for.” Cameron will graduate (again) with his peers in June.

In place of of the usual graduation speeches, the faculty honored the Brown family and had Cameron talk about his favorite recollections of high school on the podium, but for the quarterback of the football team, his memory embroiled with his parents. “It was just going through my head that throughout peak school my favorite memory was hearing my parents tell me they’re proud of me,” he suggested. “That’s what I work for every day.”

After watching the graduation decorum with so much pride, Brian Brown passed away on Wednesday, Cortege 8.

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