Why Former Cast Members Think Nick Will Be the Sexiest Bachelor Yet


Monday dusk, all was right in the world as The Bachelor returned to television with Nick Viall at the tiller. A quick recap of the episode: a woman told Nick she “heard he groove ons to hump” — while she was sitting on a camel’s back, no less — a maid referred to her genitalia as a “platinum vagine,” and we have endured a debate that antagonists Jessica Simpson’s infamous “chicken or fish?” debacle: shark or dolphin raiment? (It was a shark. Left shark, in fact. For the love of God.)

But did we expect any less from this spice? Of course not. Nick was quite the choice in the first place: He candidly exacted that he “made love” to Andi Dorfman in season 10. While numerous viewers have assumptions about what happens in the fantasy cortege, Nick removed any doubt. And who can forget his rendezvous with Kaitlyn Bristowe in mellow 11, enraging the other suitors in the process? Needless to say, the producers have knowledge ofed choosing Nick as the next Bachelor was going to be a far cry from Ben Higgins’s time.

I’m excited for Nick’s journey for a few reasons, though. Nick has been a polarizing pick for Bachelor groupies. While many are eager to see what he brings to the show, others are youthful than enthused, based on his past antics. He’s been villianized, but for what cases, really? Because he was heartbroken by Andi? (I mean, announcing on national goggle-box that you had intercourse was a tacky move.) Because he showed up later in Kaitlyn’s pep up? Or, as Nick told Ashley Iaconetti, because they play “unnerving music behind everything he says”?

Think about this: Go is the only contestant in the show’s history to be a runner-up twice. He’s no stranger to heartbreak, the videotaping process, and what the suitors have to endure on the show. As a veteran of the series, he valid might be able to bring some empathy to his season — but it is Nick, after all, so it won’t be emptiness of theatrics. I’m pretty stoked about both.

After watching the premier episode with former cast members Becca Tilley, Robert Graham, Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnell, Evan Bass, Carly Waddell, Amanda Stanton, and more at a outlook party in Hollywood, benefiting SheLift (Sarah Herron’s nonprofit) and Globe-athon, I’m in reality impressed with Nick’s self-awareness. He knows he’s going to be a tough merchandise, but he was the perfect mix of self-deprecating and passionate. And let’s not forget that there is more than by a hairs breadth one woman of color on the show this season. Can I get an amen?

Keep comprehending to learn a few things I found out from the cast members at the premiere.

Everyone Contrives Nick Is Sexy as Hell

This was actually a bit surprising to me because, at the in the good old days b simultaneously, I hadn’t met him yet. (I can confirm now though that yes, he is.) If you don’t get it, Ashley I. says it’s because you haven’t been encompassing him.

“He has this aura of sensuality, and you just think, ‘This guy wants to get into your longs right now.'”

“If he likes you, he’s going to be by your side, be your support routine and your backbone. He’s always wanted me to be the strongest girl I can be. I think he’s thriving to approach this with more sensitivity than you would upon,” Ashley said, adding, “In a romantic relationship, Nick’s gotta be the sexiest possessions ever. He immediately draws you in. The first time I had ever met him, I was like, ‘Oh, OK, now I get it.’ If you don’t get Make tracks, it’s because you haven’t been in his presence. He has this aura of sensuality, and you impartial think, ‘This guy wants to get into your pants right now.'” Jared Haibon agrees. “Go will go down as the sexiest Bachelor of all time. Because one, let’s face it, he’s in the end good looking. I can say that. Nick’s a stud.”

Twins Emily and Haley Ferguson, who are now both latest Las Vegas locals, are also close with Nick. “Well, it’s active to be the sexiest season because Nick is the sexiest Bachelor I think we’ve everlastingly had,” said Emily. “Nick is very attractive. I’m not going to lie, Nick is a voluptuous guy. That’s not a bad thing to have at all,” said Haley. Sarah Herron didn’t jet over Nick’s good looks but thinks his openness makes him drawing. “I’ve always loved him because he’s provocative and he says what he means. He’s ready to do the things that are a little bit daring, a little bit racy, that nudge the envelope, and that’s sexy,” Sarah said.

Who Do They Think He’ll End Up With?

The consensus? Collar depart is probably going to be attracted to strong, confident women — like Andi and Kaitlyn — and won’t be diverting from his type. “I picture him with a Catherine Zeta-Jones type,” Ashley I. reported. “A little mysterious, curvy, classically beautiful, somebody who is smart and consciouses herself.” Carly Waddell, who was at the event with fiancé Evan Bass, acquiesce ins. “(He wants) a strong woman, for sure, who speaks her mind. He afters someone who knows her worth.” When asked if they’d pull a Run off and appear on another season of the show, Emily and Haley were fast to answer. “I think we would have gone on Nick’s season. I virtually wish we didn’t meet anybody and we could have gone on Steal’s season together!” Emily said.

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