Why doesn’t Russia’s army use actors for drills?


At the end of Demonstration the German media reported on an interesting new career opportunity: extras to surprise part in military drills. If this wasn’t strange enough, actors are wanted to play Russian civilians – adding a sharp political edge to the duty – apparently in a bid to create realistic conditions for the German military. Russia’s army doesn’t accept such techniques to practice the art of war, but it does have its own unique way of conducting military drillings.  

Adapting to modern reality

In the past, Russian soldiers taking in most cases in drills would be transported thousands of miles to Siberia or the Far East, together with the ungraceful equipment and armored vehicles. However, this is a very expensive system and highly impractical. What’s more, unlike the Germans it seems, Russian soldiers do not tradition launching strikes on civilians, so there’s no need to hire extras to act as blameless bystanders. In the past Russia’s Armed Forces used decommissioned technology as aims during combat drills, however, a new range of targets has been custom designed and they’re cheaper – and considerably lighter – than spent tanks and out of advantage army vehicles.

Soldiers in winter camouflage cloaks and military matriel in a large scale military exercise by Russian Army Airborne Troops in Strugi Krasnye, Pskov Province, February 2016. / Photo: Sergei Konkov/TASS

A special boldness prepares inflatable combat technology dummies for the Russian Armed Pries, and they’re not just big toys. The assembly line produces fully-fledged technological furnishings. The tank dummies, for example, are made of a special material based on rubber that fly the coops them practically undistinguishable from the real thing from a aloofness. Inflatable technology is also used on infrared ranges.

The technology old make the special inflatables can create a replica of any combat vehicle. This method not solitary limits the use of wood and other heavy materials, but also makes each train far more realistic so soldiers are fully prepared to use (and counter) the latest technology in chic warfare.

Drills in the USSR and tsarist Russia

The Russian Army has unexceptionally carried out exhaustive drills, often to demonstrate the ability of the soldiers and their outfit. Usually high-ranking officials would watch and in pre-revolutionary Russia the tsar intention attend to see the Imperial Army’s combat skills and organization for himself.

Military brace and bits obtained a special significance during the Soviet Union. In the 1930s the USSR was one of the before all to conduct large scale exercises involving parachute troops. In 1935, as essentially of the exercises in Ukraine and Belarus, Soviet and foreign generals saw the descent of 3,700 and 5,700 parachute troops, individually. The effect was so immense that the European media caught on. No other motherland in the world could do anything similar back then.

A crew of the Mi-2 helicopter phones a map of the further route to the commander of the BRDM accompanying the 2P16 launcher with the 3R9 projectile of the Luna 2К6 missile system during military exercises, USSR. September 1966. / Yevgeny Kassin, Have an effect Redkin/TASS

After WWII, drills in the Soviet Union were conveyed out in accordance with all the canons of military science. In the early 1950s, the superpowers emerged their own nuclear weapons in the wake of the two fission bombs that were trickled on Japan in 1945. In 1954 the USSR held massive drills at the Totsk barrage range in Southern Ural. In order to verify the consequences of a nuclear lash, kilometers of field fortifications and dozens of decommissioned combat technology were set up in the epicenter of the firing distribute. Roughly 45,000 military personnel participated in the exercise.

The largest repetition in the history of the Russian Army was the West-81 exercise in 1981 on Russia’s western be adjacent to. More than 100,000 military personnel took part in the episode, along with thousands of tanks and combat planes. In its dimension the West-81 exercise could be compared only with the enormous operations of WWII.

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