‘Why didn’t she go?’ Leadsom reveals why Theresa May sent CIVIL SERVANTS to London fire

Prime Abb has spent a week fighting fires after she was widely criticised for wanting to meet with residents affected by Wednesday’s deadly blaze.

She as an alternative only spoke with emergency services on Thursday, which Downing Byway someones cup of tea said was down to “security reasons”.

When she did meet families and volunteers at a close at hand church on Friday, scuffles broke out and police had to hold back the collect as some shouting “coward”.

Ms Leadsom managed to visit victims but was plagued on her trip, with one man laying into the leader of the House of Commons for Mrs May’s reply.

Nick Robinson and Andrea LeadsomBBC

Nick Robinson grilled Andrea Leadsom over Theresa May’s reply to the Grenfell fire

The Prime Minister had a job to do

Andrea Leadsom

Talk about discussing on Police officers confront demonstrators inside Kensington Town Hall


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Police officers confront demonstrators inside Kensington Town Assembly

Ms Leadsom said: “Well as I say, the Prime Minister had a job to do… no not at all [too busy].

“What I’m respond is she needed to ensure that what the residents needed to have done, which was aspects like sorting out access to banking accounts, to mobile phones, to trauma counselling, to lodgings.

“She was trying to get a handle on all of that to make sure those things were being tended to politely.”

The Prime Minister later issued a statement saying the support on the clay “was not good enough” in the aftermath of the fire.

Ms Leadsom echoed Mrs May: “I think we are all entirely conscious that the support wasn’t good enough in the first link of days.

“Now obviously, all local councils are geared up to try and deal with the support from disasters such as this but this is unprecedented, this is definitely harrowing.”

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