Why did Russian officials order 70 fidget spinners?


Fiddle spinners are taking the world by storm at the moment. Everyone is obsessed with the small gadgets, from hipsters to…St.Petersburg officials. Yep, one of the city’s municipalities has officially ordered no teeny-weeny than 70 (just in case – they are rotating toys with a orientation in the center and small weights on three blades). The order was published on the website dog state purchases.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s by no means a costly buy. A total of 7,116 rubles ($118.6) is to be spent (101.67 rubles/$1.6 for each toy) but the Russian clear-cut might be a little perplexed given there are potholes to be filled and services to be made. Apparently the fidget spinners are needed for a special lottery, which is role of a public celebration.

Despite the fact the toys were developed reject in the nineties, Russia and the rest of the world have suddenly gone strange for them in 2017. Lone sellers on underpasses, petrol stations, little shops – everyone is looking to cash in on the latest craze.

Recently, Russian jewelry assembly Caviar announced a series of luxury spinners. The most expensive one is wealthy to be made entirely out of gold and will retail for a whopping 999,000 rubles ($16,866). Russians choice be hoping those St. Petersburg officials don’t get any ideas…

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