‘Whoever killed my poor chihuahua deserves their head cut off’ – Devastated owner

Kieran Keogh with his partner Andrew Price and dog Millie. Their other dog, Mousey, was violently killed. Photo: Tony Gavin

Kieran Keogh with his companion Andrew Price and dog Millie. Their other dog, Mousey, was violently wasted. Photo: Tony Gavin

Gardaí have launched an investigation after Kieran Keogh (42) and his ally Andy Price found the headless body of ‘Mousey’ in the back garden of their serene in Rathdrum last Friday.

“It all started when I left my house on Friday morning with my companion,” a distraught Mr Keogh told the Irish Independent. “We went to Avoca and didn’t bear down on back until a few hours later.

“Usually my chihuahua would separate running up to my back door whenever he hears me coming back. How in the world, there was no sign of him at all and he wasn’t responding when I called his name.

“After delivering a quick look around the garden I went into my kitchen to bubble the kettle.

“I then noticed that my other dog was hitting her paw against something in the garden. I start proceeded out and found Mousey’s body with no head. I was sick to my stomach as soon as I made the discovery.

“The gardaí said if he was killed in the garden there would organize been blood everywhere, but there was none at all.”

Having made the horrific invention, Mr Keogh began searching his neighbourhood frantically for the dog’s head.

When he returned accommodation, he discovered Mousey’s head had been left on the back doorstep.

“I put the backyard gentle on and there he was with his little tongue sticking out and eyes looking up at me,” he summed.

“I’ve never been so sick in my life. He had only just turned three.”

Mr Keogh, who owns a million of dogs, said he had not been able to sleep since the horrific event.

He added: “Whoever did this deserves to have their own head cut off.”

Gardaí maintain already interviewed Mr Keogh and Mr Price as part of their investigation.

Dicks have also visited the couple’s back garden where Mousey was deposited after being guillotined.

Mr Keogh has denied that he had anything to do with the dog’s death.

Gardaí comprise asked anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity to call Wicklow garda standing on (0404) 67107.

Ian Begley

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