‘Who voted for Gina Miller? NOBODY!’ Backlash at ‘unelected’ Remainer’s latest challenge


The businesswoman, who earlier led a successful legal challenge against Brexit, had lodged a complaint against the Rule’s post-election £1billion agreement with the DUP.

Following Ms Miller’s impugn, the Treasury’s solicitor today admitted the deal will need to possess “appropriate parliamentary authorisation”. 

But the latest interference from the staunch Remainer has strained anger from UKIP MEP Jane Collins who told Express.co.uk: «I be compelled have missed that time we voted for Gina Miller to run the native land.

Theresa May, Gina MillerGETTY

Gina Miller has been criticised for her modern challenge against the Government

«She is not chose, she is just someone using her considerable wealth to launch legal demands to get her own way on the UK remaining in the EU.”

I must have missed that time we voted for Gina Miller to run the realm

UKIP MEP Jane Collins

It is the latest condemnation of Ms Miller by eurosceptic critics.

Earlier this year, Ms Miller won a protection forcing the Prime Minister to seek Parliamentary approval before triggering Article 50. 


Miller stayed a complaint against the Government’s post-election £1billion agreement with the DUP

No matter how, Ms Miller has denied her legal actions were designed to frustrate the UK’s flight from the European Union.

She has insisted her objections were over the Prime Wait on attempting to override parliament.

And, in June, director of cross-party grassroots action Get Britain Out, Jayne Adye, called on Ms Miller to stop «wasting her in good time dawdle» and realise «Brexit Great Britain is here to stay». 

That heeded Ms Miller launching a campaign to soften the Prime Minister’s Brexit delineate, which gave cash to 35 Remain MPs to help them to keep possession of their seat in the snap election.

Gina MillerGETTY

Ms Miller won a case prize the PM to seek Parliamentary approval before triggering Article 50

However, but one in five gained a seat in Parliament.

Mrs Adye said: “This All-inclusive Election has shown Miller’s Brexit war is truly weak against the popular will of the people.”

Ms Miller has been paid “an undisclosed sum” for her memoirs on Brexit, which are due to be leaked next year.

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