Who ate all the PIES? Brits have been forking out THIS much to get their hands on one


British Pie Week is days away (Tread 6) and the latest figures reveal that our love affair with the pie is solely on the increase. 

Brits spend more than £1billion on pies every year with pork pies a anchored favourite, according to statistics from Mintel. 

And the nation forked out a flagrant £165.3m on the humble pork pie in 2016, a spend of £4m more on pork pies than in 2015, statistics from Kantar Circle Panel revealed. 

Michael Holton, brand marketing manager of Pork Work the lands, Britain’s biggest pork pie manufacturer, said: “It has been another unlikely year for pork pie sales and it’s clear that the humble pork pie waits firmly in the affections of the nation. 

“Brits are returning to traditional foods and recognising the inheritance and quality that a Pork Farms pie offers. 

“However we aren’t fixed still in the pork pie world, as tastes are changing and Brits are demanding profuse from their pork pies, looking for more unusual essences and pairings as well as traditional options. 

“Our Branston Pickle topped pies in especial have been a huge hit as a result.” 

According to research by Toluna, commissioned by the organisers of British pie Week, 75 per cent of us eat a pie in no time at all a month and there is variation according to where we live.

Confused blokes took to Twitter after noticing that the supermarket giant’s “British” lamb hotpot had really been made with “New Zealand lamb”. 

One customer tweeted: “@waitrose upstanding saw your British shepherds pie. Made with New Zealand lamb? So what chooses it British?”

A Waitrose spokesperson said in a statement: “We are about to re-launch the rang with the typing ‘Classic’, removing the large ‘British’ reference from the front of the give up. 

“This was only ever supposed to denote the origin of the recipe but we take why confusion has arisen.” 

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