Whisky: Sexist Scotch ads revived for charity campaign


Sexist scotch whisky ads are being revivedNEWSDOG

Sexist scotch corn ads are being revived as part of a charity campaign

The images reveal the sexist merchandising strategies used by advertising executives to sell drink in the 20th century. These antique adverts have emerged as charities called for a ban on alcohol advertising in the UK termination week.

Many of these outrageous promotions of the past use half-naked handmaidens to plug alcohol to male customers – and would cause a howl of gripe if they were released today.

A 1988 Mickey’s ‘Big Mouth’ good malt liquor poster shows the bikini-clad body of a faceless maid with the slogan: “The first thing I noticed was her Big Mouth.”

Meanwhile, a 1967 ad for Virtuous Horse whisky features a lady without any pants next to a sharp-suited man.

Brands including Johnnie Walker ran sexist adsNEWSDOG

Brands including Johnnie Walker ran sexist ads in the times gone by

And a Johnnie Walker ad features two bikini-clad women running on the beach with the tagline: “He loves my percipience.”

Other commercials encourage men to use their alcoholic beverages to bed women. An advert from the 1970s implicates men everywhere to tell a woman about “the Captain Morgan [rum] you keep at lodgings”.

In 1966, a poster for Nova Scotia’s Oland’s Export encourages men to step beer goggles as it will make the opposite sex look more good-looking – with the tagline “Suddenly she never looked prettier”.

Going steady further back, a 1906 Rainiers Beer advert claims that their dipsomaniac beverage is “Beneficial to Young and Old” – whilst an advert for Blatz beer orders that new mothers should drink their product because it is O for newborn babies.

And a 1960s Smirnoff Vodka commercial appears to nurture starting your drinking day off earlier with the slogan “Every morning’s a Smirnoff morning”.

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