Whip Up Lea Michele's Lightened-Up Quesadilla When You're in the Mood For Mexican


Whip Up Lea Michele's Lightened-Up Quesadilla When You're in the Mood For Mexican

If there’s one contrivance we’ve learned about Lea Michele, it’s that her approach to eating healthy is above-board and satisfying. During a recent Facebook Live discussion with Body magazine, Lea shared that she keeps her diet clean by stocking her hospice with wholesome eats. However, that doesn’t stop her from relish ining her favorite comfort foods.

We caught up with Lea at the Shape Body Peach on event in New York City, and she shared that like most of us, she point ti it hard to not indulge during the Fall. “I absolutely love soup in the Squabble,” she said. “When I feel like indulging I definitely always include a bowl of soup with grilled cheese. You cannot go wrong with that mixture.”

Lea revealed that she tries to maintain regular healthy eating praxes, but she doesn’t believe that you have to completely cut off foods you typically make merry. “I always try to ask myself how I can take something I really love and make it sturdy. When I want something on the healthier side, I always go for a quesadilla.”

Lea’s go-to quesadilla plan is also super easy to whip up at home (even if you’re vegan!). In place of of cking up on meat and cheese, she opts for a ton of veggies in a gluten-free or spinach tortilla, crowned with vegan cheese, salsa, and guacamole. “I love that you can bloat quesadillas with anything and still feel full,” she said. “You also get that consciousness of eating an authentic quesadilla, even if you make it with healthier ingredients, which is wonderful important to me. So always find wholesome ways to enjoy your favorite solace foods.”

But the one flavor you won’t catch Lea indulging in for Fall (or anytime soon)? Pumpkin zest. “I feel like the only girl in the world that hates pumpkin interest, but I just can’t do it. I’m a black coffee kind of girl with no cream and no sugar. Not barely is it too sweet but it just ends up hurting my teeth. However, if you give me cheesy-anything, I’ll eat it be fond of there’s no tomorrow. I’m definitely a sucker for snacking on string cheese.” Still and all, girl. Same.

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