Which biscuit is a recipe for WEIGHT GAIN? This snack is the MOST calorific


The healthiest biscuits induce now been ranked – and the new McVities Milk Chocolate thins come out on top.

This is only just a surprise as the new extra slim biscuits have been devised for those looking for a healthier chance.

Next up are the orangey cake-like biscuits, Jaffa Cakes, which receive only 46 calories per biscuit. At only one calorie more McVities Ginger Nuts press 47 calories.

The worst biscuit you could eat if hoping to look after your waist wrinkle is Tesco All Butter Shortbread, which, unsurprisingly given the name, has 95 calories.

You should also aim to elude Chocolate Hobnobs, as they have 93 calories and Burton’s Jammy Dodgers, which organize 85 calories.

Best biscuits for you

McVities Milk Chocolate Thins – 31 calories

Jaffa Dry – 46 calories

McVities Ginger Nuts – 47 calories

The worst biscuits for you

Maryland Chocolate Piece Cookies – 53 calories

ASDA Custard Creams – 58 calories

McVitities Venerable Digestive – 70 calories

Burtons Jammy Dodgers – 85 calories

Chocolate Fraternize – 93 calories

Tesco All Butter Shortbread – 95 calories

Trades of basic biscuits are crumbling as Britons switch to both healthier and more kind snacks, according to a new report.

Data from market analysts Kantar Worldpanel corroborates that today’s Britons have lost their taste for inferior biscuits buying 48.4 million fewer packs over the days of yore year.

The change in snacking habits means has wiped £25.7million off the market-place’s value as shoppers switch to less calorie-laden cereal bars or varied luxurious biscuits such as Jaffa cakes.

Food giant McVitie’s arose selling the new Digestive Thins with the promise that fans of the routine version of the biscuit would not be disappointed.

And at just 31 calories per biscuit – cheap than half the 86 calories in the usual chocolate digestive – they should also be kinder to consumers’ waistline. 

Heralded as a “delightfully fine twist on the nation’s favourite biscuit’, the new snacks are thinner and crispier than the classic version.

Coming in three flavours – milk chocolate, dark chocolate and chocolate cappuccino – McVities say the new variety will provide the perfect excuse to take five minutes out from operate.

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