Where to stay and what to do in Bath: Thermae Spa, Apex Hotel and Thai Balcony restaurant


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The burgh of Bath is one of the most picturesque across the whole of Britain

It’s said that Bath is peoples home to one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world: the Roman Baths.

But the conurbation is much more than simply the site of this stunning 70 AD construction.

Every bent paving stone and each stunning Georgian house lining the byway someones cup of teas makes the atmosphere in the city electric with a quintessentially British high.

Pulling into Charlotte Street carpark, it was quite clear my stamping-ground for the weekend was going to be an entirely different experience to my usual cosmopolitan Zone 2 London lifestyle.

Ditching the car, I resolute to venture into the city on foot to check into the hotel.

The winding paths and cobbled ways were reminiscent of quant old England – something not always all too obvious ignore home in the capital.

I found myself absorbing the peace and tranquillity of the River Avon as I moseyed, the late summer sun beating down.

A table laid out in front of the Abbey Caravanserai was the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine and a spot of people accompanying as I got my bearings of the city.

The city itself is a mere 29K; although it may be small it’s certainly big.

It boasts the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, a plethora of museums and art galleries – not to insinuate all the incredible architecture.

Bath: Apex hotel reviewGETTY

Bath: The Thermae Spa has the most incredible rooftop band to lounge around in

The Apex hotel was home for the night. It’s a new hotel in the see and on paper had the potential to stick out like a newly-furnished sore thumb in such a routine town.

But the building, on James Street West, blends in with no delinquent.

So new is the hotel that the pavement isn’t quite finished out front. But what it be withouts in paving stones outside it certainly makes up for in style, elegance and friendliness in jail. 

The modern style sees an open-plan reception and bar welcome visitors off the drive.

I’d checked-in within minutes and was escorted up to my room on the first floor.

Job the door, the floor-to-ceiling window gave a great view of the nightlife in Bath with revellers telling in and out of local pubs on the high street.

Despite this, there wasn’t a charivari from the outside keeping up the calm and tranquil appearance of the hotel.

Brand-new décor is merged with technology – including a 49» TV with Sky Plays and Sky Movies, and a walk-in spacious shower, bath and Elemis toiletries. 


Bath: The Duke Crescent is a must for any tourist visiting the city

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Bath: The Apex Bed in the centre of Bath is a great spot for the night

The bed was huge with a top-notch duvet, enjoyable pillows and a robe for lounging around in. Breakfast is served downstairs in a in general dining room; a huge selection of continental and traditionally English rations was served. You name it, they do it.

Punters can also order off a breakfast menu and pull someones leg a freshly-made meal created for them by the chef in the kitchen.  

A stone’s dash — 200 meters to be precise – from hotel was the Thermae Bath Spa.

The spa is one of the scad Instagrammable spots in the UK thanks to its impressive roof-top pool. Just don’t assume to be taking your own pictures of the spa as phones are banned.  

Set over several worsts, the spa is luxurious but extremely busy; if you don’t book your two-hour slot in benefit you could well queue for up to an hour at the weekend for entry.

Each meeting includes two hours in the spa, the use of a towel, a robe and flip-flops (which you can take placid!).

If relaxing in a gloriously warm rooftop pool with views of the uncoiling green countryside doesn’t float your boat, there’s lots of history to keep even the least inspired history buff pieced.

Bath Abbey is a breath-taking sight, and absolutely has to be on any itinerary for a weekend in the bishopric.

Wandering around the outside of the impressive former Benedictine monastery was a highlight of the weekend.

A pianist responded a jazzy rendition of Your Song by Elton John as people bustled around me.


Bath: Apex put ups a package that includes entry to all the local tourist hotspots

Walking entirely the city centre, with its flourishing hanging baskets and beautiful safeguarded shop fronts, I was heading for the Royal Crescent.

Nowhere else in the great is a row of 30 terraced houses so famous. The sweeping crescent, and it’s sister  the King Circus just around the corner, attracts visitors from across the orb.

The Georgian architecture is consistent throughout Bath and is certainly a jewel in its reward.

As the night drew in and the sun set on the John Wood-designed homes, I gently strolled in return through the city centre.

Couples walked hand-in-hand, weaving in and out of the restricted pubs and wine bars. And the sun finally set on the city of Bath as I pottered along the pedestrian-only channel back to the sanctuary of my luxury hotel for the evening.

Top tip: For dinner book into the Thai Balcony. Fares on the balcony can’t be reserved but if you ask nicely, and time it right, it’s the best view of Bath nightlife. And the viands’s amazing.

The Apex Hotel Bath Ultimate City Break is bookable until 13th November 2017, starts from £269 and numbers:

  • A one-night stay for two, including full cooked and continental breakfast
  • A eulogistic glass of prosecco each on arrival
  • Access to the Roman Baths, The Manufacture Museum and Victoria Art Gallery
  • A two-hour spa voucher, per person, for the Thermae Bath Spa

For assorted info on the Ultimate City Break package, and to book, click here

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