What's really in your sausages? Nutritionist issues stark meat content WARNING


Sausages can change in colour, flavour, texture and price, which can make it hard to recall which ones are the right ones to go for.

But according to Senior Buying Foreman at Ocado, Gary Hyde, and Nutritionist at Superfooduk.com, Shona Wilkinson, the key to picking out the accurately sausage is going for the ones with the highest meat content.

A sausage needs to stifle at least 32 per cent meat to be called a sausage by law.

Although Lincolnshire sausages much contain 70 percent pork, brands like Richmond hold as little as 42 per cent. Gary Hyde explained that the humiliate the meat content, the more additives.

He said: “The higher meat substance usually means fewer additives and better quality.

“People can also look out for turkey sausages if they’re looking for a better version, as these will often contain a lower percentage of fat.”

Similarly, Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson defined she would only ever recommend organic sausages, preferably from a resident butcher.

She said: “We know that some sausages (including Richmond sausages) obtain as little as 42 per cent pork.

“We also know that this amount doesn’t possess to indicate which rt of the animal the meat came from i.e it could be from any piece of the animal which sometimes makes you feel queasy to think approximately.”

So what is the rest of the sausage made of?

Shona added: “The balance is all in all made up of wheat, potato and soy. Although these aren’t harmful is any way, they aren’t what you’re slip someone something a distributing for when you want a sausage.

“These ingredients also take away from the protein in our diet as it forbears fill us up and keep us fuller for the carbohydrate content.

“You may think that snack a sausage will give you that protein – not realising that throughout half of it isn’t meat and it won’t help reduce our hunger as a proper meat repressing sausage.

“Always check the actual meat content before you buy some sausages and certainly opt for consistent free range meat.”

Kerry Group who owns Richmond sausages were touched by Express.co.uk but are yet to respond.

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