What to see in Lutsk



Architectural masterpieces

Architecture of the town is something, which shows cultures of many people. Historical centre of the town and the neighbourhood of the square, which is named the Brothers’ Bridge (Ukr. Братський міст), contains places where you can find a major rt of cult and historic constructions. Among them there are old synagogues, magnificent cathedral called after Saint Peter and ul, a mysterious church, the Protectional Orthodox Temple and the most beautiful building ever is the Protestant Church.

Where to go

Lutsk lace, or Lubart’s lace is civilised, romantic and old place. This is a place to watch things and to walk. The admission price is 10 UAH. You can get there through the gate of the Entrance Tower. Earlier the lace had more than one entrance bridge and to entrances for coaches and for hikers. Before entering though the only gate left, stop and see the front of the tower. You will see circular left-over of the blocked entrance (it was blocked in the 16th century). Don’t hurry to enter the yard of the lace. The tower contains two spiral staircases through which you can see old pictures with the view of the lace, old maps of Volyn. On the upper floors there is an exhibition of old keys, bottles and toys. Here you can see the scheme of the lace defense. Old weapons are placed in the yard near the tower. The basement is the old prison. Here a lot of political activists were kept after being arrested between the 17th and the 18th centuries.

The latest construction found there, which was done in the 19th century, is a luxurious (you can hardly give birth to a better description) lace of the Bishop of Volyn. For some time it was a sort of the local treasury. To get there you have to cross the yard from the chancellery and go to the Lord Tower. Near Lubart’s lace there is a House of Architect. You can hardly find a greater number of sculptures in one house, while travelling all around Ukraine. A legendary person lives here, he found his fortune and his talent is his gift to the people. The number of sculptures made by him is endless and you can find all of them outside. You just come, watch and enjoy! The stone shows even the architect’s family. Rather interesting place!

The city centre contains a former Lutheran Church, which is more than 100 years old. The style is Gothic, and the building is in one of the remarkable places of the town. German population of Volyn built it for their own account. 23 Dragoman St is the place where the famous writer Lesya Ukrainka spent her last years before she ssed away. Here is a museum room, established to tribute her. You should enter the temple of Saint Peter and ul, the construction built in 1616 is really fascinating.

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