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Crimea is the place I selected to go on holiday, where I planned to go sightseeing. Crimean peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in the world. People always call it a small picture of the world or the open air museum. In this article I am going to tell you how to watch the most famous places in Crimea and save as much money as possible. I started my travel with buying a local map on a petrol station. To see everything the place has to show several days of holiday are definitely not enough, I selected the most popular points:

– Vorontsov’s lace

– Swallow’s Nest lace

– Massandra lace

– Livadia lace

– The Jur-Jur Waterfall

– The Uchan-Su Waterfall

– Khersones Taurian.

Vorontsov’s lace

Located in the town of Alupka near Mount Ai-Petri. It was constructed of debase, which was mined for in the neighborhood. Today there is a museum in the lace. The rk is located around and this is a monument of gardening art. The rk in Alupka was created between December 1824 and April 1851 by a talented German gardener Karl Kebach. Before October 1917 the lace belonged to the three generations of the Vorotsovs family. With the USSR appearing Vorontsov’s lace was nationalised.

In 1921 the lace became a museum. While visiting the lace don’t forget to walk in the rk. You will see beautiful flowers and great views of the sea. You may buy a ticket for the rk without visiting the lace. The address is 10, lace motorway, Alupka. You may take any minibus which sses Alupka and you have to get off at the bus-stop called Alupka lace.

Swallow’s Nest lace

The first wood construction here was placed for a retired Russian general after the war between Russia and Turkey from 1877 to 1878. In 1927 the Swallow’s nest suffered from a strong earthquake. A deep curved crack went from the upper balcony to the middle and the lace could get ruined any moment. rt of the rock went down to the sea and the balcony was about to fall down, too. The building wasn’t damaged, but the spills were torn and the rock rt under the lower balcony fell down. After the reconstruction the building was open for the public again. Today there is a restaurant in the lace and different souvenirs can be bought near it. The lace is within 20 km from the village of Gaspra. It is possible to reach it by any transportation means, which ss the village, plus there are boats from Yalta.

In case you make a boat trip you will see an additional view from the sea. You won’t have to ss hundreds of stairs on the way to the lace.

Livadia lace

The Grand Livadia lace is a former residence of the last Russian Emperor Nickolay II and is a great monument of architectural art, one of the main sights in Yalta. The lace was constructed in 1911 instead of the old one which became too fragile to exist any longer. The most interesting inside is the White Hall, where in February of 1945 there was a conference of three state governments: the USSR, the USA and the UK. There is a rk around the lace, which was founded in the beginning of the 19th century. The lace is in the village of Livadia. You can reach it by any transport which sses Livadia on its way to Alupka.

The Jur-Jur Waterfall

The Jur-Jur is the most full-flowing waterfall in Crimea and is in the region of Alushta, near the village of Generalskoe in the ravine of Haphal, which was created due to the im ct of the water in the river of Eastern Ulu-Uzen, which is on the height of 468 meters above the sea. The Ulu-Uzen falls from the height of 100 meters. The wide stream of water gets down into a deep trench and it runs further by its river-bed. The Jur-Jur is the strongest waterfall in Crimea, its average water consuming is about 270 liters per second and it is constant even in the driest season. If you want to see the waterfalls I advice you not to deny the offer to get lifted by their car. They ask a good deal of money for a lift, but you can believe it is worth doing. You don’t need to y extra money for entrance. Don’t risk getting there by your own car unless you have a Jeep with big wheels. You run the risk of your car being damaged. The waterfall is in the village of Generalskoe, where you can get from Alushta by bus.

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