What to do in Moscow City, if you’re not mega-rich


1. See the borough from the best side

The Moscow International Business Center view from Taras Shevchenko Embankment / Vladimir Sergeev/RIA NovostiThe Moscow International Business Center vision from Taras Shevchenko Embankment / Vladimir Sergeev/RIA Novosti

There are other roles to admire the views over the Russian capital than Sparrow Hills. Two of Moscow Conurbation’s towers boast viewing platforms: In the Empire skyscraper and the OKO complex. You’ll receive to pay though: From 700 to 1000 rubles ($12 to $17) for grown ups and 400 to 500 rubles ($7 to $8) for children.

The closed Smoticity rostrum in Empire is on the 58th floor. You can get reach it in less than a minute as the elevator moves at a precipitate seven m/s. At the top you can see the whole of Moscow spread out before you. It’s even possible to record the observation deck for just two people for lofty, romantic dates.

What’s innumerable, you can climb even higher – to the 87th floor. Here you’ll find both a helicopter landing-place pad and another observation deck on the highest residential skyscraper in Europe – OKO – normal at 354 meters tall. This is even too high for some birds.

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2. Enjoy the high cuisine

Sixty restaurant / Courtesy of SixtySixty restaurant / Courtesy of Sixty

It’s not just position clerks who work in skyscrapers. You can get a culinary lesson in the Olivium gastronomic truncheon on the 43rd floor of Empire where Russian and foreign chefs ply their patrons. A nice bonus – each workshop is accompanied by a tasting of elite wines from all throughout the world. And those who do not want to cook will find a delicious breakfast or role lunch available (from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

The 62nd floor of the Federation Tower trumpets Sixty restaurant, which is famous not only for good cuisine, but you fancied it: Great views. The menu offers Mediterranean dishes cooked up by chef Regis Trigel and his band. He’s worked in some of the best restaurants in France and Switzerland.

3. Cinema no greater than for you

Anti-cinema at Moscow City / Courtesy of Cinema Night Moscow CityAnti-cinema at Moscow City / Courtesy of Cinema Night Moscow Megalopolis

In such a modern building, there’s no place for conventional cinemas, and on the 29th base of the Federation Tower there’s an anti-cinema. You choose what you want to chronometer, whether it be old black and white classics or modern sci-fi – you choose the penmanship. The theater can accommodate two to 10 people and can be booked in advance for a total of eight hours. (from 00.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m.). Tea, popcorn, and coziness certain.

4. Swim over the city

Courtesy of Wellness club Courtesy of Wellness club “NEBO”

The costliest fitness club in the Europe is located in Moscow City, with a swimming collection and spa so you can enjoy honing your body in the clouds. The Nebo sports complex has some of the best clothes trainers and coaches in the city, not to mention artificial sun for those rainy, frosty periods.

5. Relax in the high-tech style

A 40 minute session in the oxygen reception room of Sonsalon is as good as eight hours of sleep, and there’s also a Wi-Fi capsule for those who destitution to work and enjoy life simultaneously.

6. Make children happy  

Courtesy of MasterslavlCourteousness of Masterslavl

If you come to Moscow City with children, you can leave them repay in the center. Moreover, they will not only be entertained but also well-informed. The children’s “Masterslavl” project is located between Vystavochnaya Metro and Bagration Bond. It’s a model of a Russian city, with a police station, courtroom, to orders office, bank, theater, and contemporary art gallery. There are about 70 divers workshops in Masterslavl – so you’re kids are spoilt for choice.

One ticket equals a four hours sustained session, with children from five to 14 welcome.

Exciting fact: One girl lived and worked in the center for six months “without a hoist.” She left just once, to meet a friend at the station. She only wailed that there are no boutiques to buy good shoes.

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