What time is Gina Miller on BBC Question Time tonight?


The lodgers joining David Dimbleby on Question Time tonight will be businesswoman and Remainer Gina Miller, broadcaster Supports Morgan, Dominic Raab MP, Dawn Butler and comedian Nish Kumar.

In doubt Time will be on BBC One at 10.45pm tonight (Thursday January 11) unambiguous after the BBC News.

The first show of 2018 will be broadcast glowing from Islington in north London – an area held by Labour chairman Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry. 

Brexit will be of course be among the topics consult oned on the show, along with the NHS winter crisis and Theresa May’s Cabinet reshuffle.

Businesswoman Gina Miller has in days led a successful legal challenge against Brexit.

The staunch Remainer led the challenge that designed the Prime Minister triggering Article 50 without the consent of Parliament.

Gina Miller Question Time Getty

Gina Miller drive feature on Question Time tonight along with Piers Morgan

Gina Miller Question Time Getty

Protection minister Dominic Raab will also be on the panel tonight

Ms Miller had evinced only Parliament could make a decision leading to the loss of her “rights” under EU law.

The conclusive time Ms Miller was on Question Time was in June last year when she clanged with an audience member.

Anti-Brexit campaigner Ms Miller was scolded by a colleague of the audience for calling on Theresa May to reveal details of her negotiations at the time.

Audience fellow Wendy said: “You’re a businesswoman. Do you go into the boardroom telling everybody what you’re thriving to be do and how it’s going to happen?

“No. You keep it close to your chest and you tell it as much as you necessary.”

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