What This Stranger Did For 1 Mom During the Scariest Time of Her Life


Angi Burk Pietzak had her at ones fingertips full with her two kids while her husband was out of town. However, when her young gentleman unexpectedly faced a medical emergency, this frantic mom quickly knowledgeable that she didn’t have to handle it alone.

Although Angi had not at any time met Mark lumbo before, he was there when the Florida mom needed someone the most — when her daughter started seizing while Angi was driveway. “The man in this photo is the best stranger I have ever met,” Angi rtitioned with the Love What Matters Facebook ge. “Last week I bring about myself terrified and alone on the side of the road, holding my 2-year-old daughter as she turn out through a febrile seizure.”

Mark happened to be at the right place at the put time and didn’t hesitate to step in to assist this family. “Purpose helped me to a rking lot, bought me water, sat with me as I composed myself and waited for Quinn to regain consciousness, then at the end of the day got us to the hospital,” Angi wrote. “As it turns out, Quinn is fine (this was her fourth [convulsion]), my husband is never allowed to leave town again.”

And luckily for Quinn and her older sibling, they got more than just a friend out of the chance encounter: “Trace makes great pizza!” Angi added. “If you are in the Naples, FL area, see fit support this wonderful small business owner and his wife.”

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