What This Mom Did With a Dairy Aisle's Worth of Her Breast Milk Will Warm Your Heart


Demi Frandsen used up 10 months in the NICU with her son Leo, who was born two months early and interpreted with gastroschisis — a condition in which there is not enough skin to develop over exposed organs within the abdominal wall. During those 10 months at Babes’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, NE, Leo never said a word, but he did learn to brand “Mom,” got to go outside for the first time, and was even able to drink a bit of his mother’s knocker milk from a Q-tip. Although Leo couldn’t handle much extract, Frandsen would pump every three hours — even waking herself up in the midriff of the night — to donate her milk to help other mothers and babies.

On Oct. 22, Leo unexpectedly antique away, and through her grief and the difficulty of the situation, Frandsen continued to blow up her breast milk for donation. “My final donation was 17,503 ounces . . . which is 131 gallons. So, a dairy aisle, basically,” Fransden squeaked WOWT News.

Watch the video to hear more about Fransden’s incredibly thoughtful act of kindness.

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