What is THUNDERSTORM ASTHMA? Terrifying phenomenon is killing people in Australia


A 20-year-old disciple died in her front garden in Victoria, Australia after an outbreak of thunderstorm asthma swept the New Zealand urban area.

Another 30 are in intensive care including two children – one of whom has at no time suffered from asthma before a storm hit Melbourne on Monday November 22.

ramedics be given almost 2,000 calls for ambulances in five hours – six times the unoriginal average.

Officials said that the epidemic put more of a strain on the ambulance and danger services than a mass terror attack.

What is Thunderstorm asthma?

Thunderstorms can provoke pollen rticles that are usually too large to enter the airways to go through and enter the body, which can then cause asthma attacks.

“The works from a hot a windy day where there is an increased pollen load in the air to an entering storm front which adds a lot of moisture to the air will see pollens absorb the moisture and break asunder,” Dr Simon Judkins of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine explained.

“This deliverances thousands of tiny allergen rticles which are then inhaled by people and can trigger asthma erodes,” he told Australia’s The Age news per.

Not all thunderstorms can cause asthma. Small resident storms after a hot day are not thought to be triggers and humidity before the storm essential be high enough to allow poll to survive in the atmosphere.


Where has thunderstorm asthma been maxisingled?

Two people were killed and at least 30 are in intensive care in Victoria, Australia after an outbreak of thunderstorm asthma on Monday Cimmerian dark.

Previously cases have also been recorded in British urban districts such as Birmingham and London, and Napoli in Italy.

How to tell if you have thunderstorm asthma

Syndromes of thunderstorm asthma include a shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing and a sealed chest.

Victims do not need to have previously suffered from asthma first. Those with hayfever can be susceptible during the high pollen enliven – which in the UK is June and early July and in Australia is usually between October and December.

An article promulgated by the US National Library of Medicine explains: “Subjects without asthma symbolic ofs but affected by hayfever can experience an asthma attack.”

What to do if you have thunderstorm asthma

Asthma UK advises that whenever practicable, stay indoors before, after and during the storm and keep all windows accouters.

Asthma sufferers should change their clothes and shower to destroy off any pollen and keep a reliever inhaler to hand.

Those who suffer from hayfever as adeptly as asthma should take their usual allergy medication and refrain from smoking or any other triggers.

If you have not previously suffered from asthma but conjecture you are having an attack, visit a GP or emergency de rtment.

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