What is National Toast Day? How did it start?


Native Toast Day has taken Twitter by storm and hashtag #NationalToastDay is trending on societal media. Yet it is only a relatively new food day.

How did National Food Day start?

The Tiptree People Bread Awards announced the first-ever National Toast Day in 2014.

Caroline Kenyon, princi l of the awards, said they decided to launch the awards to make people opportune during the otherwise dull month of February.

«We thought it would be satisfying to celebrate bread in a completely different kind of way by creating National Favourite Day,» she said.

Has National Toast Day gone viral?

National Honour Day has been trending online since 9am this morning in the UK and has also trended in America, conforming to Kenyon.

“We are absolutely thrilled, it’s going mental,” she said. «We are interested here in North Lincolnshire, which is off most people’s radar.

«We are opinion it is extraordinary that people are tweeting all around the world about tribute because we suggested that it would be a nice thing to do.»

Why is National Tribute Day so popular?

Kenyon said the political scene is filled with concern in the UK and US, while there is conflict and uncertainty in the Middle East.

«There’s so much push down oning news,» she said. «Toast makes people pleased. Whatever age you are, everybody loves toast.»

What are the best National Honour Day tweets?

One viral video shows Charlie Brown’s pet beagle Snoopy modifying a large pile of buttered toast.

The Star Wars PR account has also tweeted a photo of pledge with Darth Vader’s face burnt on it.

How can you take rt in Nationalist Toast Day?

Twitter users are being asked to tweet their picked toast topping to @WorldBreadAward using #NationalToastDay.

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