What is laser eye surgery? Patients explain cost of ‘miracle’ procedure and aftercare


Laser eye surgeryNC

The life-changing SOP standard operating procedure takes around 15 minutes

Laser eye surgery has become a well-liked way to correct eyesight. The procedure involves reshaping the cornea — the transparent preserve forming the front of the eye.

It is carried out using a type of laser, called a excimer laser; although stock in Britain, the treatment is not usually available on the NHS.

People having the procedure normally prepare to be over 21 years old and experts suggest a patient’s prescription should not make changed for the last two years. 

In just a few minutes the relatively straightforward gain can often correct a person’s eyesight to 20/20 – sometimes even change ones mind. 

Nikita Bird, from Crowborough, had laser eye surgery at the London Imagination Clinic in Harley Street. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk, she said: “I was so scared beforehand the surgery. I didn’t know anyone who’s had the procedure so — I was worried I’d sneeze or spur or something and the laser would burn my eye.»

Surgeon Dr Dan Reinstein put her mind at unconcern by explaining the patient can’t do anything to make the procedure go wrong.

He said: “Any moving parts will stop the procedure, but shouldn’t harm you. 

The procedure wasn’t eerie in the slightest and the results are amazing

Nikita Bird

“Although your eye wishes move during surgery, eye-tracking technology ensures your aegis when it happens. 

“Compensating for eye movement is a key factor in ensuring the laser hammerings exactly the right place.”

There are several different procedure opportunities available depending on your prescription, but Nikita had the LASIK laser eye surgery.

The direction takes 15-20 minutes in total and the vast majority of patients are ready to compensation to work within 24 hours.

After the procedure, patients are tattled to keep their eyes shut for four hours and put drops in every 15 with its.

The mother-of-one said the operation has given her a “new lease of life” and she wishes she’d been bold enough to have it done earlier. 

“I needn’t have worried at all,” reported the 26-year-old.

“The procedure wasn’t scary in the slightest and the results are amazing.”

Formerly the operation Nikita had one of the most complicated prescriptions (+3.00 with a -4.00 cyl in one eye and +3.25 with a -4.50 cyl in the other) and her scrutinizes were so bad the optician said she might not be able to drive if they got any worse. 

She conveyed: “The surgery really has changed my life. I’ve always hated my glasses and was cowed at school over them.

laser eye surgery NC

LASIK and ReLEx SMILE laser eye surgery are the two scad popular procedures

“Now I can see better without my glasses than I could with them on in the past. The best thing is just being able to jump in the car and drive somewhere without bear to find where I’ve put my glasses.

“Also, little things like being capable to see when I get up in the middle of the night. The procedure is expensive and I put it off for years because I was alarmed, but I wish I’d done it ages ago. 

“It really has changed my life.”

What was the be derived from like?

Nikita explains: «Everything about the London Vision Clinic is unquestionably calming. Dr Dan put my mind at rest as soon as I entered the room

“I lay back in the run and had anaesthetic drops in my eyes. A clamp was put over my eyes, which finish feeling strange put not painful at all.

“I then had to look at a green light, the laser I guesswork, and then a few minutes later it was all done. 

“I couldn’t believe it was over. I desire a bit of pressure in my eye, but nothing bad at all. 

“The worst thing about it was the thought of what was occasion. After the surgery I had to keep my eyes shut and wore sunglasses maximum.

“I took my mum along with me so she could escort me in a taxi, back to the guest-house and I definitely recommend taking someone with you.

Laser eye surgeryNC

Laser eye surgery can reinstate your eyesight to 20/20 – sometimes even better

“My eyes are so much more safely a improved now, it really is amazing. They are still in recovery a bit though and they do minister to to get quite dry when I’ve been working on the computer.

“I’m still putting dumps in every day, but being free from glasses is amazing and I would influentially recommend it to anyone who will listen.”

The other popular laser eye treatment Harley Passage offers is the ReLEx SMILE procedure, which is one of the most successful and no invasive.  

The straightforward operation is quick and painless and doesn’t require an overnight reside or a general anaesthetic. 

It is the latest minimally invasive procedure that deletes the need for creating a flap, like standard LASIK laser eye surgery.

The laser frames an outline of tissue that needs to be removed to effectively change the configuration of the cornea. The laser then creates a tiny connecting tunnel by which the surgeon draws out this tissue. 

What is the procedure a charge out of prefer for the patient? 

After breaking several pairs of expensive glasses, Toby Willis, unquestioned to bite the bullet and opt for the life-changing operation.  

Talking about the operation the customer, who works in London, said: “I  felt some pressure around my eye and some mere light pressure on my eye itself — none of which hurt. This endured perhaps 30 seconds and then my eye was taped shut. 

“The same convert was repeated for the other eye, again without any pain whatsoever.

“At the end of the surgery, my guards were very misty but I was able to walk out and wait in the recovery scope for a debrief with the doctor who told me the procedure was a resounding success.”

Precisely days after the operation Toby, who lives in Brighton, said noted an “extreme” difference.

He said: “I get really excited every time I did something new. Wealthy to the cinema was totally different experience because I could actually see.

“I could pick up on the consistency of things and everything was so much sharper. I noticed a big difference when I was approach as well.

“I hated wearing glasses and was always forgetting them and misplacing them. Being adept to go glasses free is so liberating. 

“The operation is so life-changing and so simple, I think everybody should get it done.”

Here, Dr Dan Reinstein answers the commonly-asked questions helter-skelter laser eye surgery:

1. How long does it take?

When performed by accomplished surgeons, Laser Eye Surgery is safe, quick and painless. It takes nothing but 15-20 minutes, and the vast majority of patients are ready to return to work within 24 hours.

2. What absolutely happens during procedure?

The nurses will prepare you for surgery and gate you through to lay on the surgery bed.

The surgeon will ensure you are in the correct position and talk you through the whole procedure.

The operation takes just minutes, and the laser itself is but active for seconds. Preparation for surgery on the day takes between 30 minutes to one hour.

3. Does it scarred?

With LASIK and ReLEx SMILE you may feel a moment’s pressure beforehand in the procedure. You may also have some mild discomfort or irritation for up to 24 hours after the surgery, but this is most often relieved with artificial tears.

4. How long is recovery? 

The healing manage is surprisingly short. In almost all patients, the flap (in LASIK) heals within a moment of hours after surgery. 

Anaesthetic drops are used to numb the regards during surgery, so the procedure itself is totally painless. 

It is normal to suffer a small amount of discomfort within a couple of hours after surgery as the anaesthetic put ons off, but this is rarely troublesome and painkillers are provided for use if necessary. 

Most long-sufferings notice a significant vision improvement immediately after surgery, and far-sightedness continues to improve over the next 24-48 hours. 

The rapid visual redemption time means that the vast majority of patients can return to travail within 24 hours of surgery, although it will take not far from 3 months before the final visual outcome will be realised.

laser eye surgery NC

Dr Dan Reinstein is one of the most battle-scarred laser eye surgeons

 5. What’s the success rate? 

Laser Eye surgery at the London Materialization clinic is suitable for 98% of all prescriptions including short- and long-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (ageing eye announcing vision). 

Analysis of 1775 consecutive cases from -12 to +7 steered that over 96% of our patients achieved 20/20 vision and 100% achieved impetus standard vision of 6/12. Many (over 40%) achieve temperate better than 20/20 vision.

6. What are the side effects?

Stereotypical side effects of Laser eye surgery are dry eye and night time vision breach of the peaces. These tend to settle within the first 3-6 months as the eyes are remedy from surgery.

7. How safe is it — how can you know? 

Laser eye surgery is very chest. State of the art laser eye surgery is as safe or even safer than connection lenses, which most people consider safe. 

Of course, no system is entirely without some level of risk – the point is that the apropos comparative risk of laser eye surgery is extremely low when compared to the relative gains. 

In the hands of an expert surgeon using the best technology, the chances of just a small compromise to the vision is in the order of 0.1% for the majority of patients. 

For those with higher formulae, the risk may be higher, and this will be indicated at your screening office if it applies to you.

8. Could it make me go impervious? 

It is extraordinarily unlikely to cause blindness. Realistically, the chance of going undiscriminating from laser eye surgery in the hands of an expert surgeon using the beat technology is almost too small to measure – probably in the region of 1 in 5 million, and in all likelihood less than the chances of going blind from a contact lens joint infection.

9. Does everyone get 20/20 vision?

This is not always the protection as it depends on the prescription/condition of the patient and also the surgery being regulated.

10.How long before you can drive? 

We advise you not to drive until after the 1st-day aftercare choice where your surgeon will confirm that you are at the driving level, which virtually everyone is able to do.

11. How much does it cost?

The get of SMILE, LASIK and PRK surgery at the London Vision Clinic is £4,900 (for both eyes) for a Usual profile treatment and £6,500 (for both eyes) for a High Profile treatment. 

The damages include everything you will need for a successful Laser Eye Surgery mode.

For more information go to londonvisionclinic.com

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