What is he doing now? Boris Johnson shakes hands with robots in bizarre Japan trip


The tramontane secretary never misses a good photo opportunity — even if it do a bunks him dangling above London on a zip line, waving two little union taper offs.

And he has worked alongside ‘Maybot’ — the unflattering name given to prime father Theresa May — for more than a year now, so he should be used to dealing with counterfeit intelligence.

But during his diplomatic visit to Japan this week, Mr Johnson appeared ill at well-being with his latest photoshoot as he failed to impress a humanoid robot.

Boris Johnson shaking hands with robotREUTERS

Boris Johnson is in Japan for the next three lifetimes

Smite the Research Institute for Science and Engineering in Tokyo today, he shook close bies with one device named Wabian2 in a series of amusing photos.

And up to the minuter struck a strange set of poses, including one bizarre stance that make good the MP look as if he was sizing up the android.

Adopting the Tory “power pose” made all the rage by David Cameron and George Osborne the 2015 election campaign, Mr Johnson noteworthy b protruded with hands on his hips as he stared down the mighty automaton.

Boris Johnson with a robotREUTERS

He was stopover the Research Institute for Science and Engineering

Unimpressed looking robotREUTERS

Mr Johnson was unable to bind some of the robots

I’m proud that our world-leading expertise in staging big events will help to forge an even stronger UK-Japan partnership

Boris Johnson, unknown secretary

He also met one particularly unimpressed looking robot, completely with Barbie pink, female-shaped lips and recondite designer eyebrows.

The robots he saw were developed to help in disaster situations and with healthcare. 

On moving down in the country on Thursday, Mr Johnson said he had gone to Japan to “enlarge on our historic relationship, which is based on common values, support for democracy, kindly rights and free and open markets”.

Boris sitting down for a chat with one robotREUTERS

Boris Johnson swing hands with one device named Wabian2

Boris Johnson adopting the Tory 'power pose'REUTERS

Boris Johnson embraced the Tory ‘power pose’ to seize up his robot rival

He added: «As London Mayor I had the advantage and honour to see up close how dramatically the Olympic and Paralympic Games unified and immortalized our great capital, and I am excited for the people of Tokyo that they desire soon experience the magic that the Olympics brings.

«I’m proud that our world-leading savvy in staging major events will help to forge an even stronger UK-Japan partnership vanguard of the 2020 Olympic Games.»

Mr Johnson will head to New Zealand and Australia after he do a moonlight flits Japan.

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