What do Russians dream about when they sleep?


A haunt conducted by the leading Russian search engine, Yandex, shows what Russians uncountable frequently see in their dreams. The results are based on search queries urged from Sept. 1 through Feb. 28.

«Women and men dream about bizarre things. Women’s dreams usually involve a person, a baby, pregnancy, a fish and a guy; while men mostly dream forth snakes, fish, people, girls and teeth,» said the study. It also phrased that women try to interpret their dreams ten times more in many cases than men.

About two percent of all search queries are dedicated to fish and loops. Russians often dream about dogs, cats and rats. Chalk-white is the most frequent color appearing in dreams, dying is the most public action and the hand is the most dreamt about body part.

The commonality of fancies does not depend on place of residence. Nevertheless, in the Magadan and Sakhalin ambits, as well as in Kamchatka, people mostly dream about bears. In Ingushetia, they vision about houses, roses, horses and bed sheets.

Who dreams about Putin?

Muscovites mostly dream about the metro, the suburban commuter train and the Orthodox St. Matrona of Moscow. Inhabitants in St. Petersburg mostly dream about the metro, blueberries and cranberries, while people from the Krasnodar Quarter are more likely to see crabs and walnuts. People from the Chelyabinsk Part often see meteorites in their dreams, and residents of the Novosibirsk Region see dragons and strawberries.

The contrariwise person who appears frequently in dreams is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Chechens see him most time again, and they also see eyes, getting married and telephones. One of the most predominant Chechen search queries is, «Why do people dream about two text imports on their phones, and one unpleasant invitation.»

Russians often seek translations for their dreams. Each week, Yandex users make assorted than half a million queries about dreams. 

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