‘What a disaster this could have been’ F-16 destroyed after staff accidentally fire CANNON


f16 fighter jet

The F16 fighter jet was destroyed by the mishap (Concept: TWITTER )

Two Belgian Air Force staff on the ground had to be treated for injuries after the fortune.

The incident took place at Florennes Air Base last Thursday, with two servicemen who triggered the gun affliction from hearing damage.

Base commander, Colonel Didier Polome mentioned: “You can’t help thinking of what a disaster this could have been”.

Firefighters were recall c raised in to tackle the blaze at the airbase.

You can’t help thinking of what a disaster this could make been

Colonel Didier Polome

The Belgium Ministry of Defence deliver launched an investigation into what exactly happened.

The Dutch aviation journal, Scramble, have even shared pictures of the burned out aircraft.

The arsenal have said that the aircraft had just been refuelled and prearranged together with another F16 and after being hit by the bullets, exploded instantly.

The Belgian air power now has 54 F-16s remaining.

Belgium air force base

Smoke was seen coming from the air force mean after the incident (Image: Twitter )

The military airfield is two miles southeast of Florennes, a Walloon town of southern Belgium.

It is home to the 2nd Tactical Wing, operating F-16 Fighter Falcons.

Until July 2009, the airbase was also competent in to the Tactical Leadership Programme, a joint training programme established by 10 NATO associates.

Writing for the Aviation24 website, Commander of Florennes Air Base, Mr Polome, guarded the technicians: “In our own country where these people work every day to whip up aircraft for their national missions such as securing our airspace.

F16 Belgium

The military airfield is in the south of Belgium (Guise: GETTY)

“To name just a few. They do not complain, and we agree that this is inherited in the military life they have chosen.

“All are highly motivated and transfer the best of themselves every day, in circumstances that are not always ideal in entitles of infrastructure, available equipment or the number of colleagues.

“Performing these wealthy missions requires ongoing training of our personnel, as well as constant contribution and modification of the aircraft to keep them operational.

“It is an endeavour made up of unbroken human actions and people are, one day, fallible.”

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