‘We’ve been responsible’ Labour MP claims party HASN’T fuelled anger after London fire

Crony Communities Secretary Andre Gwynne said his party had been “fully directorial” in reflecting the concerns of those affected by the deadly blaze in West London.

Advert to to the BBC’s Sunday Politics, he was asked if his party had a responsibility to “calm it down” after protestors stirred council offices on Friday.

He replied: “I don’t think we are stirring it up, I would anticipation that we have been fully responsible in reflecting the concerns, the dreads, the hurt and the worry of those residents in Kensington.

“I want to pay tribute to the community that pulled together in the dignity of adversity… they’ve pulled together to look after one another, to do affairs that statutory authorities should be doing.

Nick Robinson and Andrew GwynneBBC

Nick Robinson grilled Andrew Gwynne on Dwell on’s response to the Grenfell disaster

I don’t think we are stirring it up, I would hope that we oblige been fully responsible in reflecting concerns

Andrew Gwynne

“And I judge devise it’s right and proper that we get to the bottom of what has happened in this malefic tragedy and make sure that we put right everything that fors putting right so that we never ever ever experience anything as horrific as this again.”

On Friday, hundreds of protesters declined on Whitehall, many carrying Socialist Worker placards reading ‘Tories obtain blood on their hands’.

The march came after an attempt to deluge Kensington town hall following a rally organised by Police officers confront demonstrators inside Kensington Town Hall


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Police bureaucrats confront demonstrators inside Kensington Town Hall

Grenfell protesters GETTY

Disagreements following the Grenfell Tower fire

The march was apparently to oppose any Tory federation with the DUP, which is expected to take place ahead of the Queen’s Tongue on Wednesday.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has already called for a million people to doff to the streets of London to overthrow the Tories in a march on July 1.

The increased project comes as Labour MP David Lammy made claims of a potential cover-up for the Grenfell disaster.

He expressed his “grave concern that the families of Grenfell Pagoda will not get justice if documents are being quietly destroyed and shredded and emails are being deleted”.

He reprimanded Sky News: “People are suspicious that when it involves the state, when it take ins the local authority, when it involves a failed TMO, when it involves contractors, instantaneously we all go quiet and we talk about it being a tragedy.

“They want numerous than that actually, they want to know what exceptionally is going on and they expect to hear that from the Prime Ambassador and others – that is not me stirring the pot, that is me speaking for some of the most unshielded people in our society.”

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