‘We’ve been LET DOWN’ East Midlands voters launch scathing ATTACK ahead of EU elections


The Brexit Helper are topping the polls for the European elections and have increased their come, with voters frustrated at both the Conservative Party and Labour Contributor. Asked about the upcoming European elections scheduled for May 23, one East Midlands voter swindled into all politicians for the way they have handled Brexit. She told Lead 4 News: “I think all the politicians have let us all down, from all parties.”

Another voter said he desire not vote in the European elections as he does not want MEPs from the UK to be sent to the European Parliament.

He said: “I don’t want us to be in Europe, so what is the view of me sending my vote to send somebody to Europe when I don’t want them to be there?

“It is merely a wasted vote.”

But, one voter insisted the country “needed something bigger and outdo than Nigel Farage”.

The latest YouGov survey of voter intents for the European elections puts the Tories trailing in fifth place behind Mr Farage’s eurosceptic Defender, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

The Brexit Party pocket over a third of all votes, polling at 34 percent, Labour has 16 percent, Lib Dem’s 15 percent, Environmental Party 11 percent and Conservatives on just 10 percent.

The YouGov examine took place between May 8 and May 9 and quizzed 2,212 adults in the UK on their back up intentions in the European Parliamentary elections.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has yearned voters to back Labour in next week’s European election to “object to the voices in the far right” across Europe.

Writing in the British Asian newspaper Eastern Eye, Mr Corbyn commanded: “The upcoming EU election has become a target and a battleground for far-right voices. The displeasure over the Tories’ handling over Brexit has left our country in calamity, and jobs and industries at risk.

“Individuals and parties that are known to spew hatred and matter division are now using this vacuum of leadership caused by the Government to win buttress in the EU elections next week. We need real solutions, not scapegoats.”

It prove to be c finish as the Prime Minister has launched a last-ditch effort to try to get her Brexit withdrawal pact through the House of Commons, with the plan already having been defeated by MPs on three occasions.

Mrs May will-power bring the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB), which implements the departure relating ti, to parliament for a vote in the week beginning June 3 just as US President Donald Trump rather commences a state visit to Britain.

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