‘We’ve been abandoned’ EU is not fighting hard enough to STOP extremists


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‘Far-left, far-right and spiritual-minded extremism’ needs to be combatted, claims Seyran Ates

The Turkish-born German bencher called for the closure of radical mosques and for European governments to address the sticky issue of foreign funding of Islamist extremism.

Seyran Ates, a Muslim feminist and man rights campaigner, said: “The European Union is not putting enough exploit into combating rising far-left, far-right and religious extremism. 

There miss to be more cooperation and information sharing between member states.

We suffer with closed our eyes [to mounting extremism] in the name of so-called tolerance

Seyran Ates

When asked to explicate the recent wave of extremism that has swept across Europe, Mrs Ates, the stumble of the liberal Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque in Berlin, said that the bloc had purposely disregarded the worrying phenomenon.

She told Le Figaro: “We have closed our eyes [to mounting extremism] in the name of alleged tolerance. 

In addition, some Europeans say that they no longer recognise their provinces and feel politically abandoned and voiceless. 

“Far-right extremism, for example, has fed and continues to pasture subsist on this feeling of abandonment,” she added.

Mrs Ates added that Islamic extremism resumed to thrive unopposed in the West thanks to the unwavering support of external forces determinate to promote a rigid strain of Islam across Europe.

“Religious fundamentalists are making the most of the civil and financial support of external forces based in Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Iran, who are all perverse on Islamisizing Europe. 

We cannot deny their true intentions,” she indicated, before urging European governments to prevent the foreign funding of extremist classifies.

“We must prevent the funding of mosques and other religious activities by comprehensive overseas benefactors,” she said.

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Ates argues that extremism isn’t been tackled due to mounting quake ats over perceptions of intolerance

The Muslim feminist also said that not adequacy was being done to protect the victims of “everyday extremism”.

She said: “A man who prohibits his wife from working should be punished. 

What’s more, if an manager notices that an employee has fallen prey to extremism, then he or she should bear the right – and the freedom – to fire that person immediately.”

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