WeTransfer launches new app to “make sharing simple”


The app enables operators to collate videos, images, music and text from any other app on their phone to make different mood boards, which can then be shared via any messaging plank.

File sharing website WeTransfer has launched a new app that allows buyers to collect and share content such as videos and documents from a separate place on their smartphones.

Founded in 2009, the Amsterdam-based company’s advantage allows people to share files that are too large to be sent ended email. Today, it has 40 million monthly users and in 2016 it opened an part in Los Angeles, California.

The new WeTransfer app has been designed by its in-house creative work together to help the company transition from “being that file cart thing” to a business “that’s about making sharing simple”, claims co-founder Nalden.

The decision was made to replace WeTransfer’s existing app after the fellowship underwent a rebrand and website redesign in 2016, which was completed by its in-house originative team and saw it drop “transfer” from its name.

“Mobile is heading toward being 10 times as big as the computer industry, which makes sensitive the tech industry’s centre of gravity,” says Nalden. “Our current app isn’t residing up to that potential. So last year, we embarked on a journey to go back to basics and rethink how WeTransfer does versatile.”

The new app allows users to collate all kinds of content – including pictures, reports and songs – in one place. Content can be added from any other app by using the added to button in the WeTransfer app, or through the iOS share extension.

Mood boards

Consumers can then organise them on Pinterest-style “boards”, which are unlimited in immensity and can be shared with colleagues, friends or family via the app. The boards can also be shared direct from the app via other channels such as email, text, Slack or WhatsApp.

WeTransfer’s aim is that the app liking be used by people for everything from creating a mood board for a customer and composing a storyboard for a video, to finding wedding inspiration and planning their pecuniary year.

For designers and other creatives in particular, the app looks to “simplify and intensify” how they carry out work on their mobiles, says WeTransfer output manager Nina Rutten.

She adds: “It is a one-stop hub to gather all your stimulus or the things you’ve created in different apps in one place, and share it anywhere.”

The app is ready for free on iOS devices from the App Store, and is expected to roll out to Android in the unborn.

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