WestJet dispatchers seek to unionize


Winging dispatchers at WestJet are the latest group of employees at the airline seeking to fasten a union.

The Canadian Airline Dispatchers Association (CALDA) said in a present that they have filed an application with the Canada Industrial Relations Lodge to represent dispatchers at the carrier.

«As WestJet continues to grow and evolve, WestJet plane dispatchers believed it was essential to evaluate which employee representation copy was best suited to represent flight dispatchers,» CALDA said.

A promulgated report said there are about 78 dispatchers at WestJet. A companionship spokesperson has said the airline respects the rights of the dispatchers to choose their account.

 The association said it already represents dispatchers for Air Canada, Jazz Airlines, From the start Air, Sunwing and Air Transat. CALDA said adding the WestJet dispatchers focus ons its membership to almost 300.

Dispatchers are licensed by Transport Canada and share get through responsibilities with the pilot in command, the association said. Dispatchers paint up flight plans by factoring in weather, airspace, aircraft weight and combustible needs.

In late July, about 3,000 WestJet cabin corps members became officially unionized after the Canada Industrial Coituses Board issued an interim order naming the Canadian Union of Social Employees as the certified bargaining unit for employees.

WestJet and its unionized directs avoided a labour disruption in late May when they agreed to a colonization process through the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. The two sides corresponded to mediation, and possibly binding arbitration.

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