'We’re so proud of him' Boy, 8, delivers his own baby SISTER


When Jodie Caffery, a 38-year-old educator, she started having contractions at home, husband David stepped out to look for the ambulance go her with their son Marcus.

But when the 42-year-old walked back internal, Marcus was on his knees delivering his own sister.

ramedics then arrived at the dynasty in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, to help finish delivering a toddler girl who weighed 8lb 7oz.

Mrs Caffery and new baby Freya were taken to medical centre for a check-up but were discharged the next day.

Her husband, a college caretaker, articulate: “We’re so proud of him. A rt from the baby’s feet, he had pretty much disencumbered her.”

Marcus said: “I would never ever do it again. Never.

“It withstand very weird, because it was happening in my own house and because this wasn’t get pleasure from another baby. This was my own sister.

“I felt very relieved when she found out, I was just hoping for the ramedics to come.

“People are saying when I luxuriate up I should be a ramedic or a midwife, but I’m going to be an astronomer.”

Mrs Caffery said: “He was so less agitated and collected, it really was amazing.”

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