‘We’re meeting our commitments!’ Spain’s dig at Italy as EU meets for migrant talks


Metaphorically speaking a support on the doorstep of an emergency summit on EU migration, called to shore up Angela Merkel’s crack government and to placate tough-talking Italy, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez unqualified a jibe towards Italy/

He said: “Spain, as a society and as a government is discharging our commitments, not only with regard to the European Union but with chiefly regard to the fulfilment of human rights and all the conventions that we are willing to effectuate.

“Of course, we are committed with the European Union. We are willing to reach this garden response to a global challenge which is the migration flows that are issuing especially now from the Western Mediterranean.

Getty•European Commission

Pedro Sanchez said called on all EU states to accept immigrants in a veiled jibe at Italy

“We will ask also for the support of colleagues, our state members, in order to control better the flow that we are misery nowadays from the Western Mediterranean.”

Earlier this month, Italy’s populist eurosceptic supervision refused to allow a ship carrying hundreds of migrants to dock in any of its seaports.

The Aquarius was carrying more than 600 migrants, including 120 on ones own minors and seven pregnant women, who had been pulled out of the sea by rescuers from the weekend.

The Maltese government also refused to accept the boat.

The keep up with day, Spain announced it would allow the ship to dock at Valencia.

Warning at the time, Mr Sanchez said: «It is our obligation to help avoid a humanitarian shock and offer ‘a safe harbour’ to these people, thus complying with requirements of international law.”

Immigration has also become a major issue in Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel is at the mercy of intense pressure to harden her country’s stance on immigration by her coalition participants the Christian Social Union.

Key Merkel ally and CSU member Horst Seehofer has enquired that Germany turn away migrants at the border if they do not entertain the correct paperwork — a sharp contrast to Germany’s current open-door management — and sparked a row that threatens to tear apart the governing coalition.

The row attains as the far-right eurosceptic party Alternative for Deutschland surge in the polls, with theory mounting that a new round of elections could be called.

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