'We're being HARASSED' Astonishing moment Corbyn FLEES room over snap election question


Summon inquired at a speech this afternoon whether he would be ready to face the verdict of the electorate on his operation of the Labour rty, Mr Corbyn ducked the question, rushing out of the room and accusing the member of the fourth estate who asked it of «harrassment».

At the same time an aide shielded the Labour number one from a camera with a piece of per.

The unexpected resignation of Tory MP Stephen Phillips yesterday combined to calls for Theresa May to call an election.

Earlier in his speech Mr Corbyn, whose unit lags far behind in the polls, blasted the Prime Minister saying she had hindered rliamentary scrutiny over Brexit because she has no plan.

He said: «I questionable the government opposes democratic scrutiny of its plans because there are no programmes.»

His comments come after the High Court ruled on Thursday that the referendum culminate must be voted on by MPs. In the wake of the ruling Mr Corbyn said the matter must be put once MPs «without delay».

The embattled Labour leader said Theres May’s sway must prioritise «trans rency and accountability to rliament» in the lead up to the vote and aimed into politicians for «scapegoating migrants and sewing divisions».

Mr Corbyn also initiative for the government to give the same «assurances» to British business that it offered to Nissan behind shut off doors in order to secure a deal for the com ny to build two new models in the UK.

The 67-year-old minister said: «We can’t have secret deals on Brexit, com ny by com ny. All our subjects need the kind of assurances that Nissan has had about the shape of the Regime’s Brexit plans to make the right investment decisions.

Speaking to Elegance thinktank in London he added: «Thursday’s High Court decision underlines the straits that the Prime Minister brings the Government’s negotiating terms for Brexit to rliament without shilly-shally.

«Labour accepts and respects the decision of the British people to leave the European Fellowship. But there must be trans rency and accountability to rliament about the Government’s intends.

«I suspect the Government opposes democratic scrutiny of its plans because — frankly — there aren’t any envisages, beyond the hollow rhetoric of ‘Brexit means Brexit’.»

The High Court today governed on Thgursday that Theresa May does not have the power to trigger Article 50 toute seule and must seek the approval of pro-Remain MPs and unelected peers.

Brexit cam igners with no holds barred an “ap lling” subversion of the will of the British people by judges following the signal vote on June 23 to quit the EU, as the High Court ruled the Prime Help cannot invoke Article 50 without prior approval by rliament.

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