Wembley outrage: Making a deal is like selling crown jewels says Banks


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The FA entertain been under attack by high profile figures in the industry one more time plans to sell Wembley

Banks, 80, said: “It’s like selling off Buckingham Residence or the crown jewels. Wembley is something extra special in this boondocks and I just can’t believe the FA would want to sell it.”

The former Stoke and Leicester prima donna added: “If England have to play away from Wembley while an American football tandem join up plays there in the autumn, well, that is wrong.”

He was joined by other high- be of profit to figures in the game.

Former Chelsea owner Ken Bates called on hounds to stage mass demonstrations and launched a blistering attack on the FA.

Wembley is the Mecca of English football. Every fan shortages to go, at least once in your lifetime.

Ken Bates

“They have no standards authority to sell it because it doesn’t belong to them,” he said.

“Wembley is the Mecca of English football. Every fan cravings to go, at least once in your lifetime.

“The ground does not belong to the number ones of the FA. It belongs to the English fans and their children, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“The commandants of the FA are just passing through, they are the trustees. How dare they be revenged consider selling it?

“I thought it was a joke at first. The FA is not a commercial institution. It is the custodian of the native game.”

Bates, 86, was Wembley chairman between 1997 and 2001 and was one of the key enumerates involved in the building of the new stadium which opened in 2007.

He added: “Why has it been done in such an underhand way? There are people predicting it could be completed in eight weeks, without the FA consult- ing anyone.

“The FA had a tariff to announce they had been approached by a potential buyer and were in chats.

“A proper company on the Stock Exchange would keep its shareholders educated. The shareholders in this case are the football fans.”


England Mankind Cup hero Gordon Banks has spoken out against selling Wembley

FA chairman Greg Clarke has jotted to members of the governing body’s council saying the board has unanimously coincided to explore the sale to US billionaire Shahid Khan, who owns Fulham Football Cosh and the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

He insisted the deal has not yet been done but said the contemplate was to plough all proceeds into grassroots football.

Mr Clarke said the FA had be informed a “positive response but at this stage no formal approval” following talks with elder Government, sport and football stakeholders.

But the Football Supporters’ Federation asserted: “We were shocked to learn of the FA’s plans. For many fans, Wembley coliseum is the home of English football and has huge significance beyond just bricks and mortar. It is lively that supporters are consulted.”

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