Well Damn: Anthony Bourdain Has Strong Opinions About the Unicorn Frappuccino

While the verdict is notwithstanding out about Starbucks’s Unicorn Frappuccino, one person who is less than stamped about the rainbow drink is celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. During a up to date interview with Town & Country, Bourdain shared his brutally legitimate opinion about the drink, saying «[It’s] like four things I enmity all in one sentence: Starbucks, unicorns, and the colors pink and purple.» Ouch! He didn’t halt there. Bourdain also compared Frappuccinos to the pumpkin spice fad, which he previously said he wished would go away. «It’s the perfect nexus of awfulness. Decent add pumpkin spice to that mix, and you can nuke the whole county.» Well be concerned, tell us how you really feel, Bourdain! Now the question is, do you agree?

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