'We'll be better OUT!' Economist DESTROYS Sadiq Khan's Brexit doom-mongering


The London Mayor has earlier suggested a lack of an interim EU trade deal could cause “giant damage” to Britain – a statement rejected by Ruth Lea, co-founder of Global Sight, an anti-EU campaign.

The Labour politician warned Theresa May’s insistence that a Brexit practise with the EU must be reached within the two-year Article 50 patch is already causing unnecessary damage to the economy.

“I believe that the Sway’s unrealistic expectation of having trade negotiations concluded within two years of triggering Article 50 – with no arrangement for extending this period – is compounding uncertainty and risks, causing unneeded damage to our economy,” he said.

“Many experts, including the former EU papal nuncio Sir Ivan Rogers, believe that concluding negotiations within this habits frame is impossible. 

“If neither an interim or final deal is in place at the end of the two years the Sway has allowed then the UK would crash out of Europe and we would suffer really significant economic detriment.”

But in a stark contrast, Ms Lea railed against Mr Khan and proffered allowing more EU regulation could harm Britain’s post-Brexit restraint. 

She told the BBC’s Sunday Politics: “I think in the medium-term, if anything, under WTO guides the City of London could do better than if it had a trade deal with the EU, which strength constrain it in some sort of way.

“If we weren’t akin to the EU regulations, we could deregulate, be proper more competitive and actually become more globally relevant than we are now.”

Mrs May on Monday authorized she will file the divorce papers to leave the European Union on Demonstration 29, launching two years of complex negotiations with Brussels.

Brexit Secretary David Davis has allow Britain will leave the EU without a deal if MPs reject the deal put in front of them by the Prime Member attend to.

He has recently ordered his Cabinet colleagues to begin preparing their Whitehall count ons for the possibly of no Brexit agreement being reached.

Mr Davis told the Ancestry of Commons Brexit Select Committee he was not yet able to “quantify” the impact of no Brexit dispense being made.

Explaining Mrs May’s preference for no deal over a bad deal, Mr Davis communicated: “The Prime Minister said, in terms, no deal is better than a bad do business.

“Why did she say that? She said that because in the emotional aftermath of the referendum there were interests of threats and punishment deals and all the rest of it.

“We wanted to be clear we could indeed manage this in such terms as to be better than a bad deal and that is frankly. I can’t quantify it for you in detail yet, I may well be able to do so in about a year’s time.

“It’s not as grisly, frankly, as some people think, but it’s not as simple as some people mull over.”

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