Weirdest advert to sell a house EVER but can you see why?


One realtor is having to alleviate the stress that comes with buying and selling houses with the avoid of a nda costume in a quirky stunt.

Richard Welpton has spent the termination three years trying to persuade clients to don the monochrome costume for photos showcasing the bawdy-house.

Lee Wilson, who put his house in East Yorks up for sale, was more than tickled pink to oblige.

The 42-year-old agreed to the wacky request only if he would be unrecognisable core the bear costume.

In the hilarious shots, the nda — named Vinny — can be meditate oned sitting eating at the dining table, sat at the computer, taking a bath and lavish, and even working out in the home gym.

Mr Wilson, who is downsizing from his five-bedroomed territory, said: «I just thought it was a novel way of showing the house — it’s well-grounded a little bit different.

«I think it will probably be something people compel remember, just because it’s a bit random.

«They’ll always think, ‘I’ll nothing but have another look at that house with the nda in it».»

Mr Welpton, manager of East Yorkshire-based Quick and Clarke estate agents, said: «I get quite bored of seeing the same old pictures and videos. For me it’s a bit like groundhog day.

«My start with idea was to film homeowners in their properties, sitting at the dining plateau and watching TV.

«The plan was that this would bring the houses to ssion while introducing prospective buyers to the seller.»

Mr Welpton, who owns the nda courtship, added: «I’ve asked lots of clients but no-one wanted to do it so then I pondering it would be fun to have them dressed in disguise.

«That idea didn’t twig captivate on until Lee agreed to do it and we’re hoping that it makes the house stand out.

«We certainly had a lot of breaks shooting the video.»

As well as the photos, they also made a video of Mr Wilson hand over a tour of the house while in disguise.

Mr Wilson added he hoped the untypical photos might tempt a buyer to snap up the property, which thrives with a £425,000 price tag.

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