Weird smells and missing cutlery: The most ridiculous reasons for flight delays revealed


It can be one of the most irritating aspects of travel – waiting around for your scheduled flight to alert itself for boarding.

The headache is made a lot worse when the flight is quashed altogether – ruining holiday plans and delaying you on your way back home base.

But ssengers are rarely privy to the real reasons behind these airline mishaps.

Skein of geese compensation com ny EUclaim has revealed some of the more bizarre defences which have led to delays and cancellations.

One Ryanair flight from Malta to Eindhoven was delayed in July for 24 hours due to ‘insects on the plane’.

In August go the distance year, an Easyjet flight from Ibiza to Gatwick s rked put on the back burners thanks to a ‘weird smell’ on board.

The same airline had to delay a disperse from Belfast to Amsterdam in June this year because of a ‘oversights crew member’.

In June a Jet2 flight from Glasgow to Ibiza stuck massive delays when a ssenger was caught smoking in the toilet.

In August a Thomas Cook away from Cancun to Stansted was delayed because of ‘missing cutlery’.

Requital in 2011, a Scandinavian Airlines Stockholm to Chicago flight was held off after rty spotted a mouse in the cabin.

EUclaim UK Manager Adeline Noorderhaven explained: “While some of the reasons for delayed flights are undeniably comical, we understand it can be hard to see the funny side if it’s your flight that’s delayed.

“Shelving over three hours because there’s a mouse loose on the skim can be unnerving as well as frustrating.

“These types of incidents should not be phenomenon and it’s the airlines’ job to make sure unwanted animals and smells don’t get on board in the maiden place.

“Whatever the reason for the delay may be, all ssengers are entitled to compensation – should they be affected to wait three hours or more”.

Last month it was revealed that Brits are young lady out on millions in unclaimed flight delay compensation.

A staggering 95 per cent of voyagers aren’t claiming the money owed to them by airlines.

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