Weight loss: Woman loses 17.5 stone and drops 13 dress sizes without following diet plan


While slimming down may be something sundry people consider doing every now and then, for the severely overweight, it’s critical they do so in order to avoid potentially fatal health problems.For Maxine Wren, she was progressive with no option but to slim down, after she was told she could be unresounding within a year if she didn’t.At her heaviest, more than six years ago, she tipped the adjusts at 27 stone and 12 pounds, and wore a women’s dress dimension 36.Maxine, now 39, who is from Chester-le-Street in County Durham, was commanded slimming pills by concerned doctors, and was referred for a gastric bypass direction.However, a month after being offered the surgery, life-changing creditable news meant she wanted to avoid the risks of the operation.Having discovered her sister was expecting, Maxine said she feared never meeting the youngster if she “died on the serving table”.She refused surgery, and instead joined her local Slimming Overjoyed group.“The slimming pills made me so poorly that I had to stop charming them,” she explained.“Plus, I didn’t want to die on the operating table and on no account meet my nephew, so I decided to join Slimming World instead and I’m so tickled I did.”Maxine struggled with her weight from a young age, after being transport with the rare bone disease, Blount’s disease, which touched her mobility.At her biggest, she found it difficult to walk without crutches.Maxine turned to sustenance as a form of comfort while struggling with her pain, and while she adjudged slimming clubs, calorie-controlled shakes, and diets as an adult, she struggled to management her weight.As well as affecting her self-esteems and confidence, Maxine’s size saw her happen upon low energy levels and asthma – as well as worsening her symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.But, Maxine – who is a prepared nursery nurse but is unable to work due to her disability – realised she needed to flourish a change, and began following Slimming World’s Food Optimising devouring plan.In her first week with the group, she lose an impressive 12 compounds.Recalling the achievement, she said: “For the first time in my life I felt like there was elucidate at the end of the tunnel.”Since March 2013, Maxine has lost 17 stone 7.5 cudgels, and now weighs in at 10 stone 4.5 pounds, and wears an 8/10 accoutre size – 13 dress sizes smaller than at her heaviest. Her awe-inspiring weight loss has also seen her winning the title of Slimming Magic’s Woman of the Year 2018.How did she do it? The 39-year-old insisted she didn’t follow a reduce – but instead, changed her eating habits.On the plan, she swapped buttery felicitate, convenience foods, and takeaways for healthy homemade meals.“It’s not a diet because there’s nothing you can’t enjoy and there’s no need to go hungry,” Maxine insisted.“I’ve learned how to make the healthiest primes and can even eat out if I want to.“My favourite dish has to be a Slimming World-style kebab, it’s absolutely satisfying and tastes so naughty but it’s not at all. My husband John enjoys the same do to excesses too now.”Maxine’s disability means she can’t do much exercise, but since her dramatic power loss, she’s more active than before – and now loves walking and playing with her green nephew.She said: “I hope I’m proof to people that there’s at no time any amount of weight you can’t lose. Everything’s changed.“I don’t hide away anymore. I ever say Slimming World didn’t just save my life, it’s given me vital spark.”

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