Weight loss: Woman got rid of belly fat and lost over a stone by doing THIS with her diet


weight loss diet plan get rid of belly fatReddit/hanaroxmysox

Charge loss: This woman slimmed down her stomach in an impressive metamorphosis

Sharing her before and after pictures to Reddit with the username ‘hanaroxmysox’, the housekeeper revealed she is 24, 5’5” and started out weighing 12 stone and three pulverizes.

She went on to lose one stone seven pounds over eight months – ten hammers away from her goal weight.

The main area of loss has been from her craving area, a change which is clearly visible in the pictures.

Explaining how she piled on the beats, she said: “I graduated from college May 2016 and started working emotional time in June and kept with the same unhealthy eating and belt habits.

I downloaded MyFitnessPal and counted calories but uncountable so tracked my macros

Reddit diet transformation poster

“I was so much elfin active since I would be sitting at a desk all day and then I would satisfactorily home, be too tired to cook so I would get take out and just chill at old folks. From this I gained 15lbs in six months and decided in January that I see fit change my habits and lifestyle.”

She then went on to reveal how she lost preponderancy, and explained it was tracking the nutritional content of her food that really avoided: “I downloaded MyFitnessPal and counted calories but more so tracked my macros.

“I started lunch prepping and cooking many of my meals so I could really see what I was putting into my thickness. I also started going to the gym and lifting weights as well as doing 20-30 heps of interval cardio five times a week.”

She also revealed to having treat days as without them she “would have given up demanding to lose weight by now”.

weight loss diet plan get rid of belly fatReddit/hanaroxmysox

Weight privation: The woman shared her before picture, with the date it was taken

Commenters were emboss stressed with her transformation, and one wrote: “You absolutely crushed some series desire gains!!! Just amazing…”

Another said: “You look extraordinary. Great work! I am currently trying to drop 35 lbs.”

One person famous: “Very good work! its night and day difference :)”

Many commenters entreated how she did it and for further tips, which is what prompted her to share her plan after situation the before and after images.

weight loss diet plan get rid of belly fatReddit/hanaroxmysox

Weight loss: After pictures authenticate just how much weight the woman lost from her stomach

Yield belly fat and shrinking the stomach area is the dream for many, and this lass is not the only to share her secret. One man also posted to Reddit to share his epic.

Sharing before and after images to Reddit, user Pindar80 clarified how he lost weight, and also why.

Posting four images to the site, he revealed he was 37 years old, 6ft 6” and initially weighed 18.7stone (262lbs).

And he required an impressive transformation, losing just over three stone in unbiased three months.

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