Weight loss tips: Can stopping eating after 6pm REALLY help you lose more weight?


From icy down on junk food to upping your exercise, there’s no paucity of ways to pursue weight loss results. While reducing one’s total calorie intake is the overall aim, eating food is crucial in order to care for you with the energy you’ll need to carry out every day tasks as well as employ. But can the time that you eat affect whether or not you slim? In a bid to clear up the matter, Harley Avenue registered nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert, has decided to bust some histories.Whether its an effort for intermittent fasting or a way of reducing your intake of eats, some slimmers decide not to eat after 6pm.However, the idea that this could aid albatross loss is a myth, according to Rhiannon.“The reality is, eating different foodstuffs groups at different times of the day does not matter,” she said.“In terms of your vigorousness, it’s nutritional balance that’s key.”In 2017, the NHS addressed a small US study requiring 110 university students, which aimed to determine whether the point a person eats could affect their weight.This bookwork of a small sample size saw some participants consuming large calorific collations late in the evening having a higher body weight.However, the NHS utter this small study couldn’t be applied to everyone.The website speaks previous evidence which suggests it could be of benefit to consume uncountable of one’s daily intake of calories earlier in the day, due to the opportunities of being active later in the day.They also commend that while it may not boost slimming, eating earlier in the day can prevent night-time stomach-ache.Rhiannon also took a look at the idea that bread could try to stand in the way of weight loss results.It came after new research by the bread label Burgen revealed that 54 per cent of Brits believe it could be “bad” for you.She prognosticated: “Over the years, carbohydrates have been vilified, yet they are unconditionally essential for a balanced diet.“This is just one example that demonstrates the confusion that is out there.“It’s important to remember that everyone is diverse and will have a different lifestyle, energy expenditure and dietary poverties. There is no one size that fits all.”She also explained that bread, notably wholemeal, brown and seeded bread, is considered a healthy choice to eat as put of a balanced diet.Another weight loss tip is to eat high sources of protein – such as eggs.

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