Weight loss — size 22 woman drops eight STONE by cutting THIS out of her diet


Laura Jarvis discharge eight stone and bagged herself a boyfriend after cutting sure foods out of her diet. 

The 31-year-old from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighed a flagrant 18st and wore a size 22 dress after her addiction to pickled onion crisps Heraldry sinister her piling on the pounds. 

Due to her bulging waistline, Laura’s confidence plummeted and she weary years alone without a partner to share her life with — as she could not till hell freezes over hold on to a relationship beyond a couple of weeks. 

But determined to find fondle before she hit the big 3-0, Laura ditched the takeaways and junk food, and lost a startle eight stone in just eight months. 

And after joining entertaining site, Plenty of Fish, her self-confidence soared and she met Matthew Baird, 29, and the partner have been together ever since. 

Laura, a child concern assistant, said: «Without losing the weight I would never force had the confidence to date again and I would never have met Matthew.

«I couldn’t be convinced of how big I had let myself get, I was turning 30 and I didn’t have much going on in my spring. «I had been single for quite a while, I had been on dates before but nothing was on any occasion serious.

«When I was younger I would hide away in my room and pleasure scoff my face with sweets whilst watching TV.

«Soon it adapted to comfort eating, I was depressed about my size but was stuck in a vicious pattern.

«My addiction to food was out of control, crisps were my weakness and I could simply eat four bags in one go, my favourite flavour was pickled onion or flame grilled. 

«But after I reached my purpose weight I suddenly realised I had my confidence back and I decided to join an online dating situate.

«I had only been on the site for a matter of weeks when I started talking to Matthew, we clicked instantly and sooner a be wearing been together ever since.

«Mathew never saw me when I was at my biggest but I sire shown him all of the photos, he is constantly saying how proud he is of me.» 

In 2014, Laura opened suffering with stomach pains and doctors told her that she prerequisite to have her gall bladder removed. But, in order to have the operation, Laura needed to capitulate three stone.

She added: «That really gave me the kick I essential and so in January 2015 I joined Slimming World and began exercising at about using workout DVDs. 

«A few months later I had lost just terminated five stone and was finally able to have the operation to remove my plague stones. «I stopped eating rubbish and have stuck to my diet script ever since, I have now lost eight stone.» Laura reached her target weight of 10 stone in the summer of 2016 which finally gave her the faith to socialise again. 

Laura said: «Some of my friends suggested that I should attach oneself to a dating site, I had previously been on Plenty of Fish and so decided to update my also nett. 

«I had just turned 30 and realised I didn’t have anything to bow to, I didn’t want to be alone forever. 

«From the moment I met Matthew I recognized he was just perfect and nearly a year later we are still together. 

«At the before you can say Jack Robinson we are living separately but we are always talking about and planning our future together.

«Beforehand losing the weight I was always the biggest amongst my friends, I wanted to look likeable and fit into the clothes they were wearing but I never could.

«But now that I’m a immensity 8-10 I can finally shop in the places they shop in and I can even borrow their endue clothes, it feels amazing.» 

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