Weight loss news: How mum who struggled to lose her baby weight shifted SIX stone


The 35-year-old from Edinburgh attempted to get slim after having a baby. 

But with strength and perseverance, and cure from Weight Watchers, Tanya has now lost and managed to keep off six stone. 

After surrender birth to her daughter, Poppy, Tanya was at her heaviest, weighing in at 17.5 stone. 

She bring to light: “I’d reached a low point. Despite having just had my gorgeous daughter I was toiling to cope with how I felt about myself.

“I’d always had trouble with my mass, but now I was hiding behind baggy tops and elasticated trousers. Looking my most artistically wasn’t high on my priority list, and my confidence really took a gad about b associate with.” 

After losing four stone on her own, Tanya decided to join Burden Watchers and was set a goal. 

But she quickly stopped going to meetings and regained her losses twice before be involved in serious about her weight loss in 2014. 

“With the support of my leader, Rhona, and my mum, I got to ideal and I’ve stayed there,” she said. “It’s been a great feeling.” 

But despite being fortunate with her weight, Tanya still struggles with confidence and is not infallible she’ll ever be one hundred per cent happy with how she looks. 

She revealed: “Delight in many women, i love fashion, and finally being able to bedeck how I want has been brilliant. But as I’ve always been heavy, it’s still arduous to convince myself I can fit into that size 8 or 10 – I think I’ll in perpetuity see myself as the ‘fat’ one. 

“As someone who’s hidden herself behind baggy jumpers, I be versed how much what you wear affects how you feel about yourself – and I’d sisterhood to learn how to use my love of fashion to boost my self-esteem now that I’ve reached my aim.” 

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