Weight loss: Man who shed nine stone puts incredible transformation down to THIS trick


Weight loss dietIMGUR

Avoirdupois loss diet: This man lost 9.6 stone in 15 months

The man incontestable to share his weight loss journey on image sharing site Imgur, and revealed the incomprehensible to shedding the pounds. 

He lost 9.6 stone in 15 months after weighing in at practically 23 stone at his heaviest, and appears unrecognisable now. 

The first step to throw weight is apparently finding the right motivation.

He wrote: “I was big my whole subsistence. In 6th grade I weighed 200 lbs (14.2 stone). You better believe that I analysed EVERYTHING to lose weight. Shakes, programs, stupid exercise and aliment fads, advice from holistic doctors, advice from accredited doctors, b12 directs…everything. I just didn’t really want to do what I need to do to bow to the weight.” 

Weight loss dietIMGUR

Weight loss diet: Once he found the healthy motivation his slim down came easily

I still drank beer and rye, I still had cheeseburgers, I still ate candy, I still went out and did things with people. The be effective is moderation.

It wasn’t until just a over a year ago when he was hiking along the Kalala’u subside in Hawaii  that the reality of him needing to lose weight really hit institution. 

At the time he weighed 22.5 stone.

He said: “People were flame fire by me. What should have taken a half day to complete took me two periods. I had enough of it. 

“I completed my trail, went home, and started to learn why I was overweight and what I needed to get into define once and for all.” 

He’s been asked by hundreds of people online how he desperate the weight, and he revealed his secret is just eating less and moving sundry. 

He explained: “I had looked into the science of losing weight and weight in prevalent. Your body is a machine that needs fuel. The food you eat is the kindling. However, if you eat more than your body requires, it will come to someones rescue this extra fuel as fat, which is basically a battery.”

After mask a journal and jotting down what he ate, he found he was eating 3,100 calories a day. 

To kickstart his importance loss he downloaded My Fitness Pal and started logging his food. 

Weight loss dietIMGUR

Clout loss diet: My Fitness Pal helped him keep on top of his calorie count

He cut down on his calories to 2,000 a day and the impact “literally fell off” — 10lbs a month for 13 and a half months. 

He said: “I noiselessness drank beer and whisky, I still had cheeseburgers, I still ate candy, I at rest went out and did things with people. The trick is moderation.” 

The Hairy bikers would rather lost seven stone between them — see there transformation here. 

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