Weight loss: Man reveals how to lose belly fat fast after he shed four stone on this diet


weight loss diet plan how to lose belly fat fastImgur/kanto2113

Weight ruin: A man has revealed how he lost belly fat fast

Sharing his before and after preponderancy loss transformation pictures to Imgur, the man explained his story.

Known only as his username ‘Kanto2113’, he revealed he was 5’7”, and had weighed 15 stone four cudgels before losing four stone five pounds.

He said: “My first friend sees a personal trainer at a gym that teaches children’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and my daughter started successful three days a week. After about a month of sitting and take in her have fun and people around me work out I decided get off my ***.

“My friend pushed his work out session back an hour so we could work out together with his weightlifting omnibus.

I started counting calories and common to the gym two days a week

Reddit weight loss

“I started counting calories and thriving to the gym two days a week in late April of 2017.

“I had used MyFitnessPal before in the defunct, but never with any direction. We set my calorie goal to 2100 calories (with 160g protein) at earliest and I stepped on the scale at 216lb. I’m 5’7″ and this is the heaviest I have till doomsday been by a dozen or so pounds.”

Going in to detail on his diet, he wrote: “Rations wise, I found 1800 calories to be tough at first, but once I started decamping smart choices, things were pretty easy.

“Eggs for breakfast, a protein bar and some tuna with crackers for lunch and tilapia with stemed veggies and a trivial amount of rice for dinner. Maybe some yogurt and granola for empty.

weight loss diet plan how to lose belly fat fastImgure/kanto2113

Weight loss: The man detailed his progress with straight picture updates

weight loss diet plan how to lose belly fat fastImgur/Kanto2113

Weight squandering: Just three months in, the man started looking very different

“Two times a week and CICO down to 160. I decided at that point that I’m overjoyed with myself physically for the first time in my life, so I started dining more.

“I added 150 calories a day for a week or so, if I still loose, I add 150 uncountable. I have been at 2600 calories for the last week or so and I weighed in 152 lbs this morning.”

Ensuing a CICO plan helped the man lose so much weight, but it was also thanks to do ones daily dozen out.

Detailing his fitness plan, he said: “Sessions are an hour long and embrace about five min of stretching, jump rope and some activation warm ups for 10 min, then about 40 min of lifting and some finishing stretches.

weight loss diet plan how to lose belly fat fastImgur/kanto2113

Superiority loss: The man revealed he followed a calories in, calories out diet to achieve his goals

weight loss diet plan how to lose belly fat fastImgur/kanto2113

Moment loss: As well as tracking calories, the man underwent a fitness overhaul

weight loss diet plan how to lose belly fat fastImgur/kanto2113

Strain loss: After just five months, the man had nearly achieved his goals

“At win initially I started doing dumbbell and kettle bell exercises. Renegade disputes, lunges, farmers walk, squats, etc… After I lost a few hammer inti I took my first progress pic at 212.

“After I lost a bit more weight and got a bit stronger I started doing deadlift, barbell squats, bench steam and overhead press. I found all of these to be a lot more fun that I ever rumination lifting could be.”

Following a CICO diet isn’t the only way to lose striking amounts of weight, and another man has revealed how he got in shape.

Sharing his before and after prototypes to Reddit, the man explained he achieved his goals by cutting out one particular thing from his regimen.

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