Weight loss: Man loses impressive 8.2 stone – shredding belly fat and gaining six-pack


Weight loss picturesIMGUR•elara760

Load loss: Imgur user Elara760 has been showing off his provocative new physique

Weight loss in the new year goes hand in hand with a fro of healthy living. But if you can make a lifestyle change to bring about a healthier waistline you could see belly fat bit off quickly – and stay off. 

One man is sharing his story in pictures on social media website Imgur; people parcel pictures for weight loss inspiration. 

User Elara760 has pillared a series of pictures of himself from 2016, where he is sporting a decidedly charged figure. 

The user explained he is male, aged 22 and 6ft tall – at his heaviest cross in February 2016 he tipped the scales at 275 lbs (19.6 stone). 

weight loss before picturesIMGUR•elara760

Millstone loss: The youngster is just 22 and 6ft tall

Weight loss images pictureIMGUR•elara760

Impact loss: The young man decided to lose weight back in January 2016

Definitively made a real effort to lose it and couldn’t be happier

22 months later the man is deriding a slim, trimmed-down, muscular physique. 

He wrote on Imgur: “Finally approved a real effort to lose it and couldn’t be happier.”

Explaining how he did it, the 22-year-old bruit about he believed it came down to genetics, “and the speed of which you lose the consequence”. 

He said: “I forgot to take pictures for a year but it was a gradual loss. The lone real loose skin I have is around my lower abdomen.”

weight loss after pictures belly fatIMGUR•elara760

Heaviness loss: This is Elara760 this month having bit belly fat and gained a six pack

weight loss six packIMGUR•elara760

Weight loss: The man’s six circle is impressive after a 22 month steady weight loss

In Feb 2016 the youngster was 275 lbs (19.6 stone), and this month he is down to 160 lb (11.4 stone). 

That’s an imposing loss of 8.2 stone. And it’s such a big change the pictures of the chap partake of gone viral – in a matter of days the post has had 45,646 views. 

Culture how to lose weight fast and keep it off can be tricky but, with Express.co.uk’s Lose belly fat with these simple exercises


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Misplace belly fat with these simple exercises

2. High knees to mountain climbers

Reach up with your arms chiefly your head and do eight counts of running on the spot lifting your knees as acme as you can.

Once you’ve done eight (four on each leg), get down to a press-up outlook and do eight mountain climbers, bringing your knees up towards your trunk alternately. Repeat as many times as you can in the allotted time.

3. Plank unrivalled jumps

Get into the press-up position with your hands impaired your shoulders and your arms straight. Your legs should be organized out behind you, on your toes with your feet together. Tonic your abs and keeping your upper body stable, jump both feet out roomy simultaneously, pause, then jump them back together again. Repeat.

4. Squat to freeze someone out press

Stand with your feet just wider than exclude width apart and grab a couple of light dumbbells or a couple of tins to toe-hold just above your shoulders. Slowly lower into a squat, hinging at the knows and pushing your bum out behind you. Make sure you can still see your toes, on the other hand your knees are going too far forward.

Go down until your thighs are at least equivalent to the ground, then come back up to the start. As you return, push both arms up upstairs your head until they are straight, then slowly minuscule and move back down to a squat. Repeat.

5. Bicycle crunch

Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet irrevocable dull on the floor and hands gently holding the back of your head. Escalate your shoulder blades off the ground and lift your legs up so your knees are at 90 degrees. Slowly pedal them in the air, as if you were proceed oning a bike. You can advance the exercise by twisting and reaching each elbow to the irreconcilable knee as it moves towards your chest.

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