Weight loss: Josie Gibson reveals plastic surgery BEFORE and after pictures 


The doppelgaengers of Josie have been released by Channel 5 prior to her appearance on Famousness Botched Up Bodies this Sunday. 

The candid shots taken in dispensary show Josie’s wrinkled and sagging stomach before her surgery and her coached stomach after, complete with a large scar.

The 31-year-old had 6lbs of hide removed after losing a substantial amount of weight.

She managed to bow to a phenomenal seven stone in a year, halving her dress size from a 20 to a 10. 

Setting aside how, her skin was stretched and ruined by the continued yo-yo weight loss; she could inspiration up the excess skin with great ease. 

Josie recently feted the scars on Loose Women.

She said: “I’ve called it Herbert,” she said as she lifted her top. “It’s a bit crusty because I merely had it done nine weeks ago.”

She showed a long red scar going across the sum total of her waistline.

Earlier this year she revealed the results of the operation, which comprehended a brand new belly button. 

The Bristol blonde’s incredible six stone consequence loss — from 16st 17lb to 10st 2lb — was down to a combination of a strict diet and exercise rgime.

In just over a year Josie achieved her massive weight dying but was left with six pounds of excess skin.

Josie came into the influential eye when she won Big Brother 2010, with a record breaking 77.5% of the unshrouded vote.

But she has struggled with her weight her whole life and even saw a cultivate about her obesity when she was just six years old.  

Celebrity Botched Up Bulks follows a team of top surgeons as they set about repairing the damage of British household high regards. 

Star surgery disasters are exposed with re-constructive surgery experts donation advice on how to fix their famous faces.

Episode 6, Season 7 of Blew up Bodies airs on Channel 5.

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