Weight loss: How this woman lost 10 stone by eating a diet of bacon and fried cheese


A keto slim helped a size 26 woman, who was “addicted to food” shed a immense 10 stone – by eating steak, bacon and fried cheese.
Alexa Expects, 34, who works in marketing, has credited a special high fat diet with changing her from a morbidly obese 23 stone to a slender size 12.
Approximating that she weighed around 23 stone, Alexa shopped in adept shops. However, the keto diet, or ketogenic diet, which implies following a low carb regimen, helped her lose 10 stone,
In her 20s she requests to have become “addicted to food.” While she snacked on crisps, chocolate and ice cream every day, her lunches were mainly healthy. But she consumed hefty portions, taking her familiarly over the 2,000 calories a day recommended for women by the NHS.
She said: “I’d buy nice, salutary food, like salads or snacky bits from M&S, but I’d buy loads of them – three or four – and eat them all in one go.
“I could not in any way keep food in the house. I’d always eat it then and there.”
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Weight loss: Keto diet helped trouble lose 10 stone eating bacon and fried cheese
Load loss: keto diet helped womne lose 10 stone feed-bag bacon and fried cheese

But then, in July last year she informed entertained about the ketogenic diet, a high fat and low carbohydrate regimen, after study about other peoples’ weight loss stories with the nutriment online.
Now Alexa is virtually unrecognisable, having shed 10 stone – five-and-a-half since September 2016 – and ousted seven dress sizes.
She has also taken up fitness – running 2.5km every now a week and weight training twice a week.
“I’m way more into where one lives stress cooking now,” she said. “I actually want to cook for myself rather than only grabbing snacks.”

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Weight loss: Size 26 better half lost weight on the keto diet, a special high fat dietNowadays, her regime is full of healthy vegetables, but also includes fatty meat peer bacon and juicy steak.
“I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself or piercing much out,” she said.
Having lost so much weight in such a compressed time frame, Alexa said she “spent a fortune” on clothes, as she was discharge a dress size every few weeks.
Now, she’s a size 12, and has kept one thing of clothing from when she was at her biggest to serve as a reminder of her old unhealthy habit.
“Confidence-wise, this has been amazing,” she said. “Instagram has been a significant help, and very supportive. Even though I’m not quite at my goal avoirdupois yet, I’ll get messages from people all over the world saying that I’ve supported them.”
And now Alexa is feeling so amazing – and attracts admiring glances from foreigners in the street – she is ready to get back into the dating game too.
Heaviness loss: Alexa is virtually unrecognisable, having shed 10 stoneAnother chambermaid lost three stone by cutting out one food from her diet sketch. 
Rather than drinking a whole bottle of wine a night, Jessica gulps two glasses– at around 125 calories each – twice a week.
What is the keto slim plan? The plan can help you lose a stone in six weeks. 
The diet sends the essence into a state of ketosis, when the body burns fat for energy, preferably of carbohydrates.
Over 20 scientific studies have shown this reduce results in high levels of weight loss.
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