Weight loss: Hairy Bikers lose SEVEN stone between them and THIS is how they did it


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Importance loss: The Hairy Bikers lost over seven stone between them by escort a new diet plan

Dave Myers, 59, and Si King, 50, judge compelled to overhaul their unhealthy eating after a doctor associate of theirs reprimanded them for the lifestyles.

Their friend said to them: “Look street urchins, you are middle-aged and morbidly obese. You need to do something about it.”

Dave be prolonged: “I was something like 40 per cent fat, my blood sugar was borderline for Personification 2 diabetes and my cholesterol and blood pressure were way too high.

“For me it was incremental. I presumably put on a stone a decade which I think a lot of people do.”

It’s never too late to do something about it, you just need quite small incremental steps

Hairy Bikers

Both men made metamorphoses to their diet and exercise routines, which led to weight loss of about 3.5 stone each. They are not the only TV chefs to lose mass recently — Nigella Lawson has lost almost 3 stone in recent years


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Nigella Lawson has lost almost 3 stone in late-model years

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Weight loss: The Hairy Bikers counted calories to displace weight

Use spices

Si said: “There are very few calories in spice. If you’re resourceful with herbs and spices you can make fantastic dishes which comprise less calories.”

Don’t completely remove carbs

Si said: “You can have carbohydrates as dream of as you’re careful because your body needs it — carbs just shouldn’t be the biggest distribute on your plate.

“It’s not rocket science, it’s just making sure that the chow you eat is comforting, nutritious and is held back on the salts and sugars a bit.”

Recognise when you are exceedingly

Si said: “Recognise when you’re not hungry. I know it’s a really simple solicitation but it has to be said. Just go: ‘Right, before I put this in my mouth, am I hungry?’ and ask yourself it as a matter of fact honestly. And if you go ‘no’, then walk away.

“After you’ve eaten, wait ten picayunes because it gives your body time to go: ‘Mmm I’ve actually had enough’, which was a big liking for me (when losing weight).”

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Weight loss: The Hairy Bikers take now started thier own diet club to help others lose superiority

Calorie count

Si said: “That’s how Dave and I lost weight, we be confident ofed calories, simple as that.”

Make small changes

Si said: “I don’t demand butter on my toast anymore, and I know that Dave doesn’t either, it’s mad isn’t it? I lately have Marmite and I really like it.”

Sweet treats are allowed — with some twitches

Si said: “My top tip to make cakes healthier is to use honey and carrots because they’re both kind-hearted.

“Use some skimmed milk, some ripe bananas, some wholesome eggs and spices and you’ve got yourself the base for a great cake.

“Also, you can fall upon fatless sponges, sponges by their very nature have no fat in them when sign over with egg whites.”