Weight loss: Cut out this ‘healthy’ breakfast food to lose weight and get rid of belly fat


When it obtains to shedding the pounds, there’s no shortage of diet plans out there.For some, cutting down on carbohydrates or solely avoiding cakes and sweets which are high in sugar can aid their burden loss journey.However, while many may turn to breakfast smoothies and soup in the rank of slimming, it may not be as clear cut as switching which foods they consume.In happening, a recent report has shown that some of these supposedly “vigorous” options still contain a relatively high amount of sugar in each gratifying.The UK’s largest sweetener brand, Canderel, have teamed up with Corporate Nutritionist Lily Soutter in to the end that to to highlight the amount of sugar in some of these products.Topping the roll of common foods which, on average, contain a relatively high amount of sugar, are in the score breakfast smoothies.According to Lily, the average sugar content in this genre of beverage is a whopping 28g.This amount can seem shocking, when you take to be the daily recommended sugar allowance is 30g.When it comes down to crunching the counts, this could mean that slimmers who reach for a breakfast smoothie that’s jam-packed with fruit, could actually be consuming 93.33 per cent of the sugar they’re countenanced each day.In comparison, a 330ml can of Coca-Cola original contains 35g, the brand’s website translates.Alcohol is also a high-sugar item, with the average drink curbing anywhere between 22g and 40g per serving.But if smoothie-lovers are looking to replace their morning carouse with a large helping of low fat yoghurt – they may want to think again.That’s because the generally sugars per serving in the seemingly “healthy” food actually comes in at an shock 20.9g.Breakfast bars are close behind as, while the exact interprets will vary across the brands, the average serving contains 20g of sugar.This on-the-go memo shares the same average amount of sugar per serving as a bowl of soup.According to the nutritionist, granola is also a high-sugar way out – with the average portion containing 14g of the sweet substance per serving.Articulate in about the report, Lily said: “The type of sugars that most of us demolish too much of are those called free sugars, which are sugars supplemented to food by manufacturers.“Much of the sugar we consume is hidden in common every day foods, so we may unknowingly be consuming warm-heartedly over our 30g per day.”Breakfast is widely considered to be the most important meal of the day – so what does that convey for slimmers looking to have a healthy start to the day?The nutritionist offered an option to these high-sugar treats – such as opting for sweetener in tea or baking your own breakfast bans.She explained: “To help combat this, simple swaps such as replacing sugar with a low-calorie sweetener can be a lecherously track way of reducing intake, without compromising on flavour.”READ Profuse: Weight loss: ‘Most effective way’ to burn calories REVEALED – are you surprised?Top 10 familiar foods containing hidden sugars, per serving – based on nutritional habitually serving suggestion quantities:1. Breakfast smoothies – 28g per favourable to2. Alcohol – 22g-40g per serving3. Low fat yoghurt – 20.9g per serving4. Breakfast padlocks – 20g per serving5. Soup – 20g per serving6. Granola – 14g per present7. Baked Beans – 10g per serving8. Plant-based milks – 7g per surviving9. Salad dressings – 5.7g per serving10. Wholemeal bagel – 5.5g per be serviceable a

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